3 of the Top Skincare Products for African American Skin

Throughout our lives, we’ve all been bombarded with skincare brands in various forms of advertising, proclaiming that their offerings are “the end all, be all.” They’ve made empty promises left and right all the while generalizing that what they offer is great for nearly everyone.

However, for women of color, we have been underrepresented and not been given enough skincare products that really cater to our beautiful and unique skin! Fortunately, there is one skincare brand out there that specifically caters to us: LLHOMD.

Why Choose LLHOMD?
LLHOMD is a family-owned, black-operated skincare and haircare business that was established with one vital mission in mind: to provide high-quality, low-cost personal care products to African American women. And, thus far, they are accomplishing this mission each and every day and are striving for excellence every step of their journey.

They create some of the top skincare products for African American skin on the market today, using only high-quality ingredients that truly and positively affect black skin (more specifically the melanin).

While all of their offerings are undeniably outstanding, here are just a few of their truly impressive skincare options for you to consider (and add to your skincare collection and routine starting today!).

Face Wash: Pomegranate Collection Refresh Face Wash
Price for one 5 fl. oz. bottle : $10.00

The Pomegranate Collection Refresh Face Wash is a daily vegan face wash specially formulated to be exceptionally gentle, which makes it highly agreeable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.

It’s composed of natural oils and other natural ingredients, such as pomegranate fruit extract, vitamin E, and aloe vera, to be a truly exceptional skincare product. This combination along with the other ingredients in it creates a face wash that deeply cleanses your pores and keeps oil under control.

Moisturizing Toner: Pomegranate Collection Moisturizing Toner
Price for one 5 fl. oz. bottle : $12.00

The Pomegranate Collection Moisturizing Toner from LLHOMD seamlessly combines the unique and practical attributes of an effective toner and moisturizer (and that fact alone sold us because who doesn’t love a good 2-for-1 deal?). By applying this product to your skin, you can expect your skin to feel rejuvenated, deeply cleansed, plump, soft, and hydrated– all that you’d expect from a great toner and a great moisturizer!

This product also contains the impressive benefits of pomegranate fruit extract (like the aforementioned face wash) along with honey, aloe vera, and olive leaf extract. On top of that, it is also vegan, properly supplying your skin with the right, Earth-friendly ingredients.

Oil Treatment: Facial Oil
Price for one 1.70 fl. oz. bottle : $21.00

Facial oils are ideal for any and every skin type (yes, even oily skin) as they provide ample nutrients to your skin that it needs to be properly nourished, hydrated, and soft. The Facial Oil from LLHOMD is such a facial oil and then some.

When you apply this rejuvenating oil appropriately, you can expect your skin to feel and look highly moisturized, softened, brightened, and overall replenished. It contains helpful antioxidants, such as vitamin E, B, and A, calcium, iron, and calcium. These antioxidants are found naturally within the ingredients of this facial oil, which include jojoba seed oil, witch hazel, date fruit extract, sage oil, and argan kernel oil.

Check Out the LLHOMD Difference Today!
Are you ready to finally equip yourself with the top skincare products for African American skin? Then check out LLHOMD’s website today, which holds their skincare products along with body care, hair care, and much more! If you have any questions, feel free to fill out their contact form today.

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