Creating a Natural Makeup Look With Sappho Makeup

As fun and exciting as it is to look at glamorous makeup artists and influencers online, we have to be honest with ourselves and admit when we just want a beautiful, fresh face of makeup. We do not want to do too much or make ourselves look all dolled up all the time. Often we just want to apply a few products and look like a more polished version of ourselves. With a few well-selected products, that is a pretty easy feat to achieve on any given day. We would particularly like to reference the Sappho Makeup products in this since we appreciate the brand’s take on an effortless beauty look that focuses on enhancing features subtly. Here are a few Sappho Makeup products that you can use to create a natural look to start your day.

CC Cream
To create a natural makeup look, you want to start off with a fresh base that you can lightly build your look on. The complexion step is very important because it not only smooths out the skin and prepares it for more product, but it can greatly change the way that your makeup reads. A full coverage, matte foundation could look cakey and excessive on a day when you want to keep things simple, so we recommend sticking to products that are made for a more skin-like effect. Thankfully Sappho Makeup has a CC Cream that does just that. It is a lightweight, hydrating complexion product that feels fresh and comfortable on the skin, while adding just a little bit of coverage to reduce the appearance of redness, discoloration, and fine lines. It uses mineral pigments, aloe vera, and natural fruit extracts to leave the skin feeling smooth, healthy, and hydrated. If you are going to create a natural look using Sappho Makeup, the CC Cream for complexion is a good place to start.

Brow Pomade
Much like the complexion, the brows are a critical step in achieving a natural makeup look. Since the brows frame the face, you want them to be subtly defined without appearing overdone. The Brow Pomade by Sappho should be able to help you achieve this exact look pretty easily. It is a smooth formula that allows you to fill in your eyebrows and create a very natural finish so that they look like your natural brows. The pomade leaves your brow hairs with a subtle, natural sheen rather than a completely matte finish, which helps add to the effect. You can apply this product with a light hand and use it to fill in any sparse areas, while also adding some hair-like strokes to resemble individual hairs. This will leave your brows looking fresh, defined, and completely flattering to your face.

The lashes can really make a difference in a look and bring everything together. The Sappho Mascara can help you to achieve those dark, fluttery lashes that shape the eye beautifully. Just apply a coat or two of this ultra-defining vegan mascara and you will see the effect it has right away. The finish is also slightly glossy, resembling bare lashes to make them look more natural on the face.

Lip Gloss
As the last step in this natural beauty routine, you can complete the look with the brand’s lip gloss in your favorite shade. It is a sheer, hydrating formula so it will almost feel like a lip balm going on that adds just the right amount of color and shine. Ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter add moisture to the lips as you wear this gloss all day.

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