First Products to Try From Maya Chia Skin Care

At this point, if you have even dabbled in clean beauty or natural skin care products, you may have heard the name Maya Chia. It is a plant-based skin care line that utilizes natural ingredients to make the skin healthier from the inside out. Their featured ingredient is chia seed oil, which is known for providing a variety of benefits to the skin and was used by the Mayans as a superfood to boost their health. Maya Chia skin care products are known to be highly beneficial to the skin, while also providing a luxurious, calming experience that makes it all the more enjoyable to use them often. In case you were curious about this brand but didn’t know where to begin, we wanted to list out some of the most popular products by the brand, which are also easy to use if you are not the most experienced with skin care. This should round out to a healthy skin care routine based in safe, natural ingredients. When you go to learn more about Maya Chia, be sure to look at these products first. They might be just what you were looking for.

The Great Cleanse
Anyone who wears makeup or sunscreen on a daily basis should definitely consider using an oil based cleanser to completely remove any of the products from the face. This will help keep your skin fresh and clear since your pores will not be laden with dead skin cells, excess sebum, and cosmetics products. The Great Cleanse is the perfect first step in a routine since it lifts away all impurities and leaves your skin soft and hydrated before moving on to other products.

The Super Blend Pressed Serum
The unique formula of this pressed serum makes it easy to nourish and replenish the skin with just a small amount of product. This highly concentrated serum is packed with nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, polyphenols, and omega fatty acids, all of which is needed by the skin to stay healthy. This has got to be one of the most popular, and standout Maya Chia skin care products right now because of its intense nourishment and bright coloring. The fun, vibrant color only adds to the experience of using this potent serum nightly to restore and maintain your skin.

The Optimist
One of the most common concerns that people have with their skin is dryness, especially in colder climates or during winter. You can combat a lack of hydration by using The Optimist by Maya Chia layered underneath your moisturizer. It adds intense hydration through ingredients like aloe leaf juice and makes the perfect boost of hydration to help you prevent or treat dry skin.

Supercritical Pure Chia Face Oil
The last of the Maya Chia skin care products we recommend you check out is one that greatly showcases the benefits of chia seed oil and why the brand is so passionate about this ingredient. This facial oil prominently features chia oil, which is rich in omega fatty acids and nutrients that keep the skin plump, elastic, radiant, and healthy. It is a great way to finish a routine and seal in everything you have just applied to improve your skin.

If you are genuinely interested in learning more about clean beauty brands and the Maya Chia line of plant-based skin care products, then you should definitely give it a go and see what they have available. These products are carefully formulated with well-researched natural ingredients that are proven to offer great benefits to the skin over time. You can find each of these Maya Chia skin care products available online at along with even more products from the brand that are great to check out. Take a look and see which products could find a place in your routine.

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