10 Great Polymer Clay Craft Ideas

Crafters and DIY-ers, listen up. If you’ve never heard of or tried polymer clay before, it’s time to try it. It might be the best medium for creating unique designs that you’ve never heard of.

Polymer Clay Craft Ideas
If you’re looking for a craft to try with polymer clay, consider one of these:

-Earrings or beads: Polymer clay lends itself wonderfully to small crafts involving jewelry or beads. Not only is it easy to work, but it is also easy to blend; you can make beads, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and small charms with it!

-Small sculptures: Some blends of polymer clay hold fine detail exceptionally well, making it a prime choice in a medium for creating little sculptures. Miniaturists will find a welcome medium in polymer clay.

-Seasonal ornaments: Just like it can be used to create unique jewelry and miniatures, this clay can also be used to create seasonal ornaments and little fixtures of home decor. It’s also great for creating Christmas ornaments like snowflakes, angels, and other little personalized creations.

-Keychains: Add a bit of personal flair to your keys with your own unique keychain. Polymer clay is ideal for this because unlike some other types of oven-bake clay, it remains relatively flexible once baked, making it less likely to break or chip in a pocket.

-Ring cone or ring holder: In just a few minutes you can make a unique ring cone or ring tray at home with polymer clay, giving you a bright place to store your jewelry while preparing food or washing dishes.

-Incense holders: Since this kind of clay is relatively heat resistant, it makes a great medium for creating an incense holder. Simply create a stable base that’s wide enough to resist rolling, extends far enough to catch the ash, and press the stem of a piece of incense into the clay before baking!

-Bookmarks: A clay bookmark can be as simple or as ornate as you like, and super easy to roll out.

-Small planters: Polymer clay can be used to make small planters, especially for plants that don’t need a lot of moisture, like cacti and succulents.

-Coasters: Protect your sensitive wood furniture with a clay coaster; they’re easy to make!

-Small votives: Looking for a way to dress up a glass votive or to add color to a setting? Create your own votive at home with clay and give the setting an immediate boost.

Why Use Polymer Clay
Now get ready for the real sell. Unlike natural clays and air dry clays, polymer clay will remain pliable and workable until you’re done with the project. Some polymer clay blends are even resistant to dust, so you can set your project aside until you’re ready to bake it – and even after you bake it, it will remain relatively flexible and resistant to cracking or shattering.

Can You Bake It at Home?
Yes, you can bake polymer clay at home in your home oven. The temperature at which you need to bake your polymer clay will depend on the blend, but the Papa’s Clay available at Firefly Art Supplies (see below) bakes in about 10 to 15 minutes at 265 degrees. Make sure you cover it with a foil tent to help keep the temperature steady.

Visit Firefly Art Supplies
If you’re interested in creating your next craft with polymer clay, check out Papa’s Clay available online at FirelyArt.Supplies. It’s easy to work, has a shorter baking time than some other clay products, and is available in a bunch of bright colors. You can even get your clay tools there!

Visit their website and contact them at 314-762-1434 if you have any questions about their brand of polymer clay.

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