12 reasons why moving to Calgary is a great idea

The thought of moving to a new place and settling in a new environment is often accompanied with uncertainties. What if we can’t adjust to the new neighbourhood? Will there be enough opportunities for professional growth? Will my kids have a good time there? There is an endless list of questions that cloud our minds. However, if you are planning to move to Calgary, do not worry. It is a well-connected state with numerous opportunities.

Additionally, the availability of detached houses, condos, and new townhomes in Calgary for sale will make it easy for you to find a home. Below are some reasons why moving to Calgary might be a good idea:

1.Diverse Community: Calgary features an amalgamation of cultures. A large international community and locals coexist in Calgary. Respect for each other’s cultures is something that Calgary is known for.

2.Friendly People: Calgary is known to have the youngest population in Canada. The average age here is only 36 years and you will fall in love with amicable and welcoming people of the state.

3.Employment opportunities: There are endless job and business opportunities in the state of Calgary. Food, travel, IT, and many other industries are in the booming phase and will continue to have a lot more new opportunities. In particular, the oil industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years.

4.Real estate: As compared to other cities in Canada, the prices of real estate are more affordable in Calgary. You can find single-family homes or new townhomes for a relatively cheap price.

5.Transportation: Accessibility is one of the primary factors that make Calgary an ideal city to live in. Centralized public transport and well-planned roads make it easy for people to commute within the city.

6.Food and restaurants: If you are a foodie, Calgary has a lot to offer you. A large number of restaurants and bistros serve cuisines ranging from European to Asian, South American, and African. Calgary is also home to numerous craft distilleries and microbreweries.

7.Education: Parents can move to Calgary without worrying about the education standards for their kids. Calgary has a strong public and private school system in place that delivers superior quality of education. Calgary is also home to reputed universities and multiple colleges.

8.Opportunities for outdoor sports: Calgary is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Hikers, golfers, and mountain climbers can head to the Rocky Mountains that are just 60 mins away from Calgary. If you are interested in skiing and snowboarding you can drive to one of the world-class ski hills located nearby.

9.Nightlife: You can walk into a luxury dining restaurant late at night or grab a quiet nook by the fire in one of the cozy eateries. From dancing to foot-tapping music, from partying in local pubs to having a quiet time with your loved ones in a lounge, Calgary nightlife has something for everyone .

10.Weather: Did you ever imagine that you could visit Canadian patios in February? Calgary is known to have the maximum sunny days in Canada.

11.Low taxes: Alberta has the lowest tax rates in Canada and is the only place without a provincial state tax.

12.Safety: Calgary is known for its low crime rates across Canada. This attracts several families that fall in love with the peace and sense of security here.
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