4 Types of Chocolate You Need in Bulk in Your Bakery

When you are stocking your bakery with the appropriate supplies and ingredients, you need to be sure you have the absolute best so you can provide your customers with treats they will never forget. We all know the typical baking ingredients: flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, baking powder, eggs, and so on. However, there is one in particular that stands out above them all: chocolate.

Chocolate is one ingredient that nearly everybody loves and enjoys, no matter their age. Unfortunately for bakers, it can be difficult to find the most high-quality chocolate brands and types to properly prepare them for making delectable treats. Or, when bakers do find premium chocolate to meet their needs, they can be too pricey, and/or they can’t buy enough to meet their demand.

That’s where Stover & Company comes in. They have premium chocolate at competitive prices. Plus, you don’t need to buy them in individual quantities; they have them in bulk! They are proud to provide all of their customers, who are primarily bakery owners, with all their business’s needs. They are a premier bulk chocolate supplier that you can trust.

When looking through their options, it might be difficult to differentiate which chocolate you need in bulk. Below are the top four types of chocolate your bakery should have from a bulk chocolate supplier like Stover & Company.

1. Chocolate Chips and Shavings
Can you imagine chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips? Definitely not! That is one of the many recipes that require chocolate chips to create delectable chocolatey treats. Not only are chocolate chips are necessary to have in bulk, but as are chocolate shavings.

Chocolate shavings are one of the most ideal toppings for numerous desserts. These ingredients provide both an aesthetic and yummy element to nearly any baked good. Chocolate chips can also be used as a topping, furthering their necessity to be in bulk.

2. Couverture Chocolate
Couverture chocolate is one of the most ideal ingredients for getting that chocolatey goodness in your desserts. This is the best chocolate for melting, making it perfect for various uses, such as dipping, drizzling, decorating, and using within particular recipes.

Couverture provides an unparalleled “snap” when broken while also giving any dessert or treat a uniquely smooth, creamy, and full flavor. Plus, it provides your dessert with a stunning sheen, making it perfect for both flavor and aesthetics! Because of its utility and practicality, this should be in bulk in your bakery.

3. Chocolate Ganache
It would be an error to talk about melted chocolate and not mention ganache. Ganache is a staple for any baker, as it uses more heavy cream to supply you with smoother and creamier chocolate.

Chocolate ganache is yet another fine example of melting chocolate, which can be used to make various desserts, but especially molded candies, truffles, and more! Because bakers are required to make so many of these types of treats, they should always have these available in bulk.

4. Cocoa Powder
While this may not be in the same caliber of chocolate as the aforementioned sections, it is used in many recipes that have a chocolate flavor, so it belongs on this list. It is multi-functional and really provides a lot of desserts with admirable qualities.

Cocoa powder allows batters to rise in the oven, but also gives each dessert a dark color while also giving a delicious flavor! Better have this in bulk to make the best treats around!

When you are looking for the best bulk chocolate supplier who can provide you with the best options listed above and beyond, look no further than Stover & Company. If you have any questions about their offerings, be sure to contact them via their contact page.

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