5 Pieces of Furniture You Need in Your Nursery

Congratulations on the soon-to-be newest addition to your family unit! This is undoubtedly an exciting and celebration-worthy time in your life. While you are exuberant about your newest little one, you know that the extensive preparation in the months leading up to their arrival is essential.

And that most certainly includes your nursery, especially its most integral pieces of furniture. Regardless of the size of your nursery, you need to gather and lay out everything just right to ensure your baby and family are both happy and healthy!

However, it is easier said than done to know exactly what you need in your nursery. That’s what we aim to clear up today with our list of five necessary and best nursery furniture pieces!

1.Crib (Bonus Points if It’s Convertible!)
First things first: the crib. Your baby needs to sleep somewhere that is appropriate for their overall growth and development along with their safety and comfort. That is why you need to supply your baby’s room with a durable, safety-tested, and modern crib.

There are now convertible cribs available that are built to grow up along with your child, as the crib can be altered into a toddler’s bed, child’s bed, and even a daybed in the future! It gives you more bang for your buck and is super convenient to have as your child grows!

For the crib specifically, it is worth noting that a lot of them don’t come with a crib mattress. Make sure to have that as well when decorating your modern nursery!

2.Recliner or Glider
During the relatively frequent nightly feedings, nightly readings, and crying sessions, you will need a place to comfortably sit and rock while your child feeds and/or is being soothed back to sleep. In comes the recliner or glider. Recliners are comfortable seats that rock back and forth while gliders swivel and rock. Based on your own preference, be sure to equip your nursery with either one of these!

You’ll certainly be needing a place to store all of your baby’s clothes, toys, and other items in one central location. That is why a dresser is so mandatory. Be sure to get one that offers enough storage space to meet your needs but also matches your other pieces of furniture, like your crib.

4.Changing Table
It may be a little trite to say, but your baby will be going through plenty of diaper changes. Provide them a safe and comfortable location to be changed– which is precisely what a changing table can provide for you. Plus, it can conveniently store all of your diaper needs! Some even come with a diaper bin location built inside!

In order to properly place items like your baby monitor, a lamp, nightlight, or even store books, you’ll certainly need a nightstand in the nursery. Make sure you have one of these and that it matches your overall desired aesthetic!

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