5 Questions To Ask Your Land Surveyor For Creating Real Property Report (RPR)

Choosing the right surveyor for the diverse range of land surveying needs is critical. The Real Property Report (RPR) prepared by land surveyors is an extremely vital document serving varied purposes in the land development process. Thereby, indicating that the choice of a land surveyor must be made keeping in mind the entire land development journey.

There must be a ready set of questions to ask the shortlisted land surveyors to prepare appropriate real property reports in Calgary, Alberta.

We have compiled a list of 5 questions to be asked to the land surveyor below –

Question 1: Who All Will Require The Rpr To Get Prepared?
A common, yet ignored question to be asked by one’s land surveyor is what all situations will the RPR prove useful in later stages. It is to be understood that one will require RPR for municipal compliance, future disputes over common bylanes and other shared property features with a neighbour, further work by the architect,

Question 2: What Will The Rpr Contain?
Exact inclusions in the RPR must be known to the client. Ask the land surveyor as to what all will be included in the report and what it won’t entail. For instance, dimensions, boundaries, property lines, corners, etc, are commonly mentioned in all RPRs. Also, ask the land surveyor to be specific.

Question 3: How Much Time Will It Take To Prepare The Rpr?
Time is an integral factor in determining the most suitable surveyor service provider. At times, people require urgent RPRs for adherence purposes. Some reputed service providers offer ‘rush’ hour services for such cases (of course, at a higher cost).

Question 4: How Will The Real Property Report (Rpr) Protect The Holder?
It is best to ask the land surveyor for the disputes from which the RPR can save the owner from. For instance, encroachment issues, adjacent neighbour disputes, adherence to municipal bylaws are some of the many problems an efficiently prepared RPR can protect one from.

Question 5: How Much Is An Rpr Going To Cost?
There are several costs associated with the creation of a Real Property Report. Compliance stamps, fieldwork, obtaining licences, etc. are all important tasks undertaken by the land surveyor for gathering data. One must clearly ask the land surveyor for a quote. Then, comparing the many surveying companies for their service features vis-a-vis the price charged, an informed and rational choice can be made.

The above mentioned questions can serve as a complete guide to choosing the best land surveying service provider for getting a property’s RPR made. The answers given to prospective land surveyors can be reviewed and analyzed to zero down on the most promising service provider.

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