6 Impressive Benefits of Touchless Bathroom Faucets

Operating a restroom that withstands a large volume of traffic is no easy task. Every single fixture and part needs to be strategically selected, installed, and maintained in order to both successfully operate and not lead to expensive utility bills.

One such impactful consideration is the faucets. Certain faucets may negatively affect either users, managerial staff, or both in numerous ways! That is precisely why we couldn’t recommend one particular type of faucet enough: the touchless bathroom faucet.

Touchless bathroom faucets function with an infrared motion sensor which, when triggered, allows water to flow through the spout.

But what advantages could these specific faucets pose for your restroom, whether it be in a factory or even a small restaurant? Let’s take a look at just six impressive benefits of integrating automatic faucets into your public restroom(s).

1. Conserve Both Energy and Water
Our Earth is precious and has taken quite a brutal beating from people and our pollution, especially in the last century or so. With the addition of automatic faucets, you will make a positive impact on our environment as you will drastically reduce both your energy and water usage.

2. Save Money
Alongside the fact that you’ll be assisting our environment, you will also help your budget remain in your preferred parameters. Then, by saving lots of money on your utility bills, you can allocate those dollars to any location you’d like, whether it be to other fixtures in the bathroom or elsewhere in your business.

3. Prevents the Spread of Germs
Standard faucets tend to accumulate dirt, grime, bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants. These undesirable particles gravitate toward the handles specifically because everyone is required to touch them for the water to flow– both before and after proper washing.

By using touchless, automatic faucets, you drastically reduce the amount of these germs, as no one is required to touch anything in order to make it operate.

4. More Convenient
Who doesn’t enjoy simply waving their hand and having whatever task they need done to be accomplished? Touchless faucets perfectly allow that to happen for all users– they can solely place their hands in front of the faucet’s sensor and efficiently wash their hands. The convenience of these hands-free faucets is undeniably second to none!

5. Easier to Clean and Maintain
Because there are far fewer parts involved in automatic faucets (since they lack the need for handles), the faucets and overall sinks will be significantly easier to both clean and maintain. This will make any staff members’ work in the bathroom in particular much less strenuous!

6. More Aesthetically Pleasing
Faucets with automatic touchless sensors also offer sinks unequivocal aesthetic value as well. This is because, without handles, they make the sinks appear to be far less cluttered and, as there is less grime and even far less water carelessly splashed everywhere, more aesthetically pleasing.

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