6 Key Things You Should Know About Federal HST

For those who carry a firearm for defensive applications, the ammo they shoot is every ounce as important as the gun they carry.

It should be reliable, feed smoothly, and produce optimal terminal ballistics that arise from controlled disruption and ideal penetration characteristics.

Federal HST ammo offers all of this. Here’s what you should know.

HST Is an Improvement on Federal’s Previous Hydra-Shok Line

If you’re familiar with Federal Hydra-Shok ammo, then you should take a liking to Federal HST.

The HST line, which some say stands for “Hydra-Shok Technology” is an enhancement on Federal’s previous link.

Both are jacketed hollow-point ammunition lines, and HST was developed in response to an official request for ammo loaded with bullets that expand better without sacrificing penetration.

It Maintains Almost 100% Weight Retention on Impact for Optimal Penetration Characteristics

You might wonder why this matters enough to merit its own place on this list, and here’s why.

Some hollow point bullets break apart on impact, even if they are not technically classified as frangible bullets.

Though fractured bullets create devastating and irregular permanent wound channels, each fragment robs the bullet of mass, which is  counterproductive to penetration.

So, the ballisticians and engineers at Federal created a special jacketed hollow point bullet that maintains almost 100% of its mass, ensuring ideal penetration characteristics.

It Lacks the Center Post of Federal Hydra-Shok

Federal HST is very much like Hydra-Shok ammo, with a notable exception that it lacks the center post in the depression of the bullet’s nose.

This, apparently, is one of the secrets to the success of this line’s controlled disruption. Even without the center post, the jacketed bullet delivers optimal penetration and expands rapidly and in a controlled fashion.

It Has a Boxer Primer with Only One Flash Hole in the Primer Center

Reloaders, take note. Federal HST features boxer primers that have only one flash hole in the primer center.

This is a much simpler cartridge design and it makes punching out and removing the old primer, and installing a new one, much easier.

So you can reload your old casings more easily.

The Casings Are Made of Nickel-Plated Brass

Reliability was something mentioned as critical for a self-defense round. An empty chamber is a dangerous thing for the person holding the gun.

Federal’s HST ammo is loaded into nickel-plated brass as opposed to plain brass.

Why, you might ask? Because nickel-plated brass exhibits superior permanent dry lubricity to plain brass, which results in a lower overall coefficient of friction. This enables smoother cycling and diminishes the chances of jams and feed issues.

It Is Designed Not to Plug

A common problem with hollow point bullets is plugging. This occurs when a hollow point encounters layers of fabric before reaching its intended soft target.

The bullet’s jacket shears away the fabric and the pieces of fabric get trapped in the bullet’s nose, “plugging” it.

This causes the bullet to react similarly to a poor cross between a jacketed bullet and a hollow point. Plugging compromises not only penetration characteristics but also expansion.

Fortunately, Federal conducted exhaustive tests to ensure that its HST ammo does not plug, even upon contact with several layers of fabric.

Where Can You Get Federal HST Online?

For those of you looking for a highly reliable self-defense round, Federal HST may make an excellent option. You can buy it online at Bucking Horse Outpost.

Check out their website. HST is not the only defensive ammo line they carry, and they carry defensive rounds in a large assortment of calibers, plus shooting accessories and spare magazines.

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