7 Tips and Ideas for Your DIY Cardstock and Scrapbooking Paper Project

If you’re looking for the next big idea for your cardstock and scrapbooking paper project, look no further than this article.

Presenting, 7 tips and ideas to create a personalized keepsake that you can share with friends and family for years to come.

Tip # 1 Cut Boring Rectangular Photos into Shapes
You don’t have to stick all your photos as they are. To add a twist to otherwise boring uniformly cut photos, cut your photos into interesting shapes and sizes.

Cut your photos into a circle, a triangle, an octagon, or even a star, if that’s what your creative juices are telling you. Just don’t line them up on your cardstock paper army formation-like with the same shapes and sizes.

Tip # 2 Use Specialty Envelopes
Envelopes aren’t just for letters. Do you have small memorabilia items you’d rather not stick? No problem!

Paste an envelope instead and put little items inside that won’t stick or you don’t want to glue on the scrapbooking paper permanently.

You can label the envelopes or you can keep the flap open as an invitation for fingers to dip in and get surprised.

Tip # 3 Washi Tape Is the New Black
Use Washi tapes. Washi tapes are decorative adhesive tapes that add creative value to your scrapbook page.

They come in different designs and colors to match your page design. You can use them as borders for your photos, borders for your scrapbook page, or use them to form words on your scrapbook. The possibilities are endless.

Tip # 4 Print on Cardstock Directly
It’s the digital age. Why not showcase your photoshop design prowess by printing your photos directly on cardstock?

This will also eliminate the use of glue and all you have to do is add embellishments around the page.

Tip # 5 Ribbons and Bows
Use ribbons to create colorful borders, or make ribbon bows and glue them on the corners, the tops, bottoms, and all other areas that are just begging for a ribbon.

Tip # 6 Add Dried or Pressed Flowers
For an instant flower design, pick a flower from your backyard, put it in between wax paper, and press it using heavy objects like books or laptops.

Once it’s looking dried and pressed, glue it onto your scrapbook for a real, textured flower design.

Tip # 7 Use Maps and Travel Postcards for Background and Design
Have travel photos and stories to go with each? Use maps and postcards to tell some parts of the story.

You can use maps as backgrounds to paste your photos on and use postcards as embellishments on the sides.

Get Creative Today!
Scrapbooking is the process of preserving the personal and significant memories of one’s life. It’s a creative art form that lets you tell your story through photos, memorabilia, words, and other unique objects that tell your story in different ways.

If you need cardstock and scrapbooking paper, envelopes, washi tapes, and other scrapbooking supplies, visit Cardstock Warehouse. It’s a scrapbooking haven for all scrapbookers out there.

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