A Rhino 180 Blind Is Not Like Other Ground Blinds: Here’s Why

Anyone that’s ever hunted from a ground blind knows that the blind is the perfect metaphorical double-edged sword. It may conceal you from game, but most if not all of the time, it conceals game from you, too – and then, when it’s time for you to draw, or shoot, well, that window of opportunity is a short one, to say the least.

Either that or the blind requires you to pop over a window and take the shot, which, as you know, increases your chances of getting scented or busted.

But there is another ground blind, a better one, that allows you to see out but not in. It’s called a Rhino 180 blind, and here are all the ways it’s making a difference.

One Way Visibility
The greatest advantage of a Rhino 180 blind is that you can see out but not in – it offers you true all-around visibility around the entire blind.

However, thanks to the unique 2-way mesh system, game cannot see in and the exterior of the blind is covered top-to-bottom in a camo print; Realtree, Mossy Oak, and Predator patterns are available.

This is a breath of fresh air to hunters that have been stifled, season after season, by blinds that (ironically) have blind spots in the worst of places. At times, it can feel like your quarry actually picked the one spot to approach from which you couldn’t see them coming.

With a Rhino 180 blind, issues like these can become a thing of the past.

Ultimate Concealment, Unprecedented Versatility, and Durability
In addition to offering an unprecedented level of visibility, the Rhino 180 allows you to incorporate other natural cover into the setup around the blind. Brush-in straps around the top and bottom of the blind make this easier than ever before.

The R180 also features an oversized zipper-less door and a “silent-slide” shooting window that allows you to easily adjust your shooting window as needed (and noiselessly).

Unique even among Rhino blinds, the R180 blind takes ground blind hunting up a notch with versatility. Unlike other blinds that allow the hunter to see our crystal clear without any obstruction – and which feature flimsy mesh fabric – the Rhino 180 blends function with durability.

It features a durable, water-repellent finish that also boasts triple stitched corners and reinforced stress points, to put up with the worst of what brush and bad weather can dish out.

And, perhaps best of all, despite its capacious interior and 58”x58” floor space that can comfortably accommodate up to 3 hunters, the R180 is also pack-friendly, as it only weighs 16 pounds.

Where Can You Get a Rhino 180 Blind?
It’s not too late in the season to take a new approach to ground blind hunting. If you’re looking for a Rhino 180 blind, visit Live Outdoor Sports.

They carry a huge collection of hunting and fishing equipment (including ground blinds) at great prices, offer free ground shipping and exchanges, and superior customer support. Visit their website to learn more and cash in on a better ground blind before it gets too late in the year!

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