A Tactical Brass Catcher for the Fall Season?

If you hadn’t thought about the term “tactical brass catcher” as a valuable hunting accessory, think again. There was a time not too long again wherein it wasn’t commonplace to take ARs into the brush in search of hogs or even deer. It’s become more popular.

So while it isn’t necessary to give a “tactical” brass catcher the tactical designation for it to be valuable as a hunting accessory, it can definitely add value in the woods.

Avoid Hanging up on Briars and Brush
Not all brass catchers will work equally as hunting accessories, but those that will are worth their weight in gold. Give up the brass catchers with mesh pouch and pic rail mounts that chew up room on your handguard.

They work well enough in some circumstances, but they’re utterly useless in the brush, even if they catch spent brass at the range. Take a walk through a pheasant field or a rabbit swamp and you’ll be amazed at how deftly the brush will untie your bootlaces. That type of scrub grabs onto the mesh and won’t let go. You’ll be lucky to extricate your rifle at all, and the mesh bag of the brass catcher will be returned to you, if at all, in several pieces.

The Brass Goat, available online at BrassGoat.com, is made of hard, molded ABS resin and will not hang up on thorns or other brush. It will slip through the woods and fields as silently as you do.

Keep Brass out of the Brush
We can’t tell with certainty what the laws are like in your state, or if there are even more circumscriptive laws in on the preserve you hunt on. There may even be more restrictive membership rules associated with a private hunting club of which you are a member. What we can say is that it is the environmentally conscious thing to do to carry out your brass with you when you leave the woods.

If you let brass fly from your ejection port unfettered you’re very unliked to get it back, and who wants to spend time searching anyway? The brush swallows up shells as deftly as it unties shoes; just attach the Brass Goat to your lower receiver magwell and hit the woods.

Fuel Your Handloading Habit
Some hunters are really into creating their own loads, optimizing the performance of each, given the unique circumstances of the rifle, the season, and the game being pursued. In today’s current atmosphere of ammo crisis and shortage, we couldn’t blame them even if they just reloaded so they’d have ammo around at all. A tactical brass catcher will ensure none of your brass goes to waste.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Brass Goat by Magwell Mounts and how it, as a tactical brass catcher, can lend you value in the Fall woods as a serviceable hunting accessory, visit their website, BrassGoat.com, today. You can also contact them if you have additional questions.

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