About Chicago Faucet’s HyTronic Series

For more than a century, Chicago Faucets has been a trusted producer of commercial, industrial, and institutional plumbing equipment.

Ever at the forefront of innovation, they have not once stopped a moment to rest on their laurels. As a result, the modern market reaps the benefits of their commitment to progress – like Chicago Faucet’s HyTronic series of touchless faucets.

Here’s what categorizes their value.

Easy to Install and Configure

Chicago Faucet’s HyTronic faucets are easy to install, with free-spinning hoses and pre-installed filters on each model. They’re also compatible with optional handheld Commander programming units that let you adjust the faucet, track usage, and set running modes.

Easy to Service

HyTronic Touchless Faucets are also easy to service, thanks to designs with above-deck components that are easy to access. Routine maintenance can even be administered without the need to shut off water.

Built-in Sustainability

Inherently sustainable, Chicago Faucets HyTronic line utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and a CF Connect app, making it easy to manage them from a tablet or smartphone.

They also meet LEED and CalGreen specifications, and are compatible with an LTPS, or Long-Term Power System, a maintenance-free power solution that lasts up to 15 years under normal use conditions.

Moreover, HyTronic Faucets are configurable with Chicago Faucet’s SSPS, or self-sustaining power system, which uses the flow of water to generate electricity that powers the technology. If you choose this option, no wiring is necessary and you’ll never have to change batteries.

Consistency and Reliability

Historically, touchless faucets have been somewhat less than ideal. That is not the case with HyTronic faucets, which achieved four million faultless activations in laboratory testing.

The heart of HyTronic Faucets is a twin-beam infrared sensor that rapidly adjusts to environmental chances, limiting or outright eliminating false activations.


Chicago Faucet’s HyTronic Faucets are made with heavy-duty brass spouts with a sleek and corrosion-resistant chrome finish. They are extremely tough, corrosion-resistant, and low maintenance.

Built for Your Facility

The HyTronic line is configurable and adaptable, and offers aesthetics appropriate for nearly any conceivable installation. Choose from traditional and contemporary styles, along with gooseneck, curved, and edge spouts.

Why Touchless?

There are countless reasons to adopt touchless faucet technology in your industry, facility or institution. Among some of the best of these are:

  • Touchless technology limits water use. It’s impossible to accidentally leave a spout running since touchless technology features automatic shutoffs, saving the company money and saving the environment.
  • Touchless is more hygienic. Since users don’t have to turn knobs or touch spouts, there’s less splashing and communication of potentially hazardous pathogens.
  • Touchless is safer. With less splashing and dripping, fixtures, surfaces and floors will remain drier, minimizing the risks of slips and falls.
  • On the note of safety, touchless faucets like this help minimize the risk of scalds arising from user error and accidentally setting the temperature improperly through the valve handles.
  • Streamlined maintenance protocols. Not only are touchless faucets theoretically less likely to be abused since there are no physical valve handles, but they will stay cleaner long since they don’t need to be touched, saving on maintenance and cleaning costs. Even so, there is less surface area to clean or sanitize with a touchless faucet as it is.

Where Can You Learn More About Chicago Faucet’s Hytronic Products?

As you can see, there are countless reasons to adopt touchless technology in your facility’s plumbing infrastructure, and in terms of innovation and performance, Chicago Faucet’s HyTronic line leads the pack. You can learn more about their faucets online at Quality Plumbing Supply, where you can also sign up for a wholesale account and start saving today.

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