Amplify the Importance of Exit Signs with an LED Exit Sign

Exit signs. We see them virtually every day and everywhere. Whether you’re at the grocery store, the mall, the doctor’s office, or even school, there is no shortage of exit signs being posted around each and every exit door. Clearly, there is a reason that exit signs exist and are literally everywhere we go; for safety reasons.

The best way to notify people in any given enclosed space, like the places mentioned above, is to have a clearly marked and seen exit. Exit signs are effective ways of clearly marking an exit or an entrance to the outdoors in situations where people would need to quickly evacuate the premises.

In high-stress situations, people often don’t think with a clear mind. You’re frantically trying to figure out what’s going on and if you need to evacuate an area, it’s usually a mad dash to the nearest door out of the building. That’s why it’s so important to properly mark an exit or an entrance to catch people’s eye if/when they might be in a panic to get out.

That’s why exit signs with clear, big, and bright lettering are super important to bigger enclosed spaces. In most cases, exit signs are mandatory as a safety measure and precaution. In some cases, it can help reduce any harm or damage to many patrons if something were to go awry.

When it comes to the actual exit signs though, they are typically glowing red. This means that they have lights in them. For anyone who owns a business or is in charge of the lighting of a business or building, there are of course some measures in place to ensure that those lights are always shining.

To keep the lights on for an exit sign is very important. For cases where the lights go out during a power outage, it’s common for exit signs to continue to shine so it can lead the way for a safe exit from the building. This means that no traditional type of light bulb will suffice for an exit sign.

To ensure that the lights keep shining for far longer, you should see what types of light bulbs are being used inside the exit lights. Usually, these lights are run on some sort of battery in case of situations where the power goes out, so light bulbs like incandescent aren’t the best choice for exit signs. The lasting power just isn’t there.

Your best bet when it comes to making sure that the lights last a long time for the exit signs is using LED lights. LED lights are known for having a much longer lifespan and lasting power compared to other types of lights. After installing LEDs into an exit sign, you basically don’t have much to worry about after that.

LEDs lights are notorious for being super long-lasting, efficient, and helps save you money over time. Considering the fact that LEDs don’t need to be changed as often, it will save you money on replacement bulbs and time reinstalling them. Plus, LEDs are incredibly efficient, so you’ll be saving money on the electricity bill, as well.

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