Are All Preaching Suits Black?

This is a question many people ask today. However, those used to attending service or versed in homiletic traditions, know full well that not all preaching suits are black. However, the dark color is a very common sight among the ordained, giving the layman an impression that most servants of God only wear black.

Nothing further from the truth. Preaching suits can come in several colors, with some denominations establishing more limitations than others.

What do colors mean?
Different colors in preaching suits have specific meanings. Some are tied to the relative position of the wearer within the church or during a service, others have more to do with specific occasions or events.

If you attend church every Sunday, as we all should, chances are the preacher delivering the sermon will wear a purple preaching suit under his church vestments. Purple, the color of patience and trust, usually designates a position within the church. Bishops usually wear the purple of the office to signify their rank. However, in many churches, only the highest-ranking bishop is allowed to wear purple. Everyone else must wear black so there is a clear distinction.

Another color we might see is cardinal red. This is more common among Catholics and methodist denominations, but many religious leaders in other Christian congregations will also wear the pentecostal red.

During formal ceremonies, like weddings and some holidays, many pastors and bishops choose the white that represents the purity of baptism. This color is not normally used in public so don’t expect to see many preachers dressed in white.

Black is worn by most members of the church. It is the primary color and it has a meaning that is deeply ingrained in the Christian tradition. During the early days of the church, priests sought to differentiate themselves from the more colorful and mundane attire worn by laypeople. Black was simpler and less ostentatious and served as a daily reminder of their duty to serve a higher power.

Today, one can find clergy robes and vestments that exquisitely balance religious fervor with beauty. However, most priests will agree that wearing black makes things easier for them. Earning the respect of a fresh audience is always easier when keeping your attire simple and clean as it does not distract from the words we say, and it provides an air of dignity most people find difficult to ignore.

Also, if most of your preaching suits are black, you don’t have to worry about what you are going to wear during service.

Keeping your dress code simple also boosts the effect you cause when you choose a more visually distinctive preaching suit or clergy shirt as your circle or congregation will tend to notice it, causing a far greater impact.

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