Are Carbide End Mill Sets Worth It?

Using CNC milling machines to make custom components has helped to revolutionize several industries. If you work with milling machines, then you know just how quickly milling cutters can wear out due to fatigue. These tools work hard and many operators try to save money by buying carbide end mill sets. Most of these sets will include several different sizes of specific cutting tools so no single tool has to do all of the work.

Advantages of Carbide End Mills
One of the best things about buying carbide end mill sets is the fact that carbide tools last longer than tools manufactured from steel alloys. While carbide may look metallic, the superior cutting power of these tools actually comes from the ceramic tungsten carbide powder within the tool’s surface. This ceramic material is cemented in place with metal to create a material that has the impact resistance of metal and the rigidity and cutting power of ceramics.

Though this material is a composite, tools ground entirely from carbide are referred to as solid carbide to differentiate them from tools that are metallic with carbide inserts. An added bonus of using solid carbide tools is the fact that the ceramic content itself is virtually unaffected by high temperatures. This means that you can run carbide tools at higher speeds and feeds than tools made from high speed steel and other metallic alloys.

Carbide End Mill Sets
Many manufacturers offer sets of solid carbide tools. These sets will include multiple sizes that can be used for different milling applications. Typically buying carbide end mill sets is a good way to get a variety of options all at once so you can get a lot of different jobs done using the same types of tools. This is beneficial for the machinist because when you know how a tool performs, it’s easy to find other applications for the same tool in different sizes.

There are a few downsides to buying full sets of carbide tools. The biggest concern is where your tools are coming from. A lot of end mill sets are manufactured overseas and may not be made of the highest quality materials. Poor manufacturing can lead to tools with a shorter tool life so it is always better to find US manufacturers with high standards when buying tools. The other issue with buying full sets of end mills is figuring out what to do when one dulls before the others. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a replacement for a single piece of the set. When that happens you need to find another supplier that offers high quality solid carbide end mills.

Luckily for machinists who find themselves in this predicament, there is Online Carbide. At you will find a great selection of US made solid carbide end mills and drill bits at manufacturer direct prices. So if you need to replace a piece of your carbide end mill set, pay their online store a visit to find some amazing high performance milling tools.

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