Basic Cleaning for a Glass Hand Pipe

Your glass hand pipe is a beautiful reflection of your personality and your creative tastes. Not only that, but it also enables you to enjoy some peaceful recreation, and it may very well have cost you a pretty penny.

Borosilicate glass may be tough, but it isn’t indestructible, and if you bought a glass hand pipe that was meant to show off, after a few sessions, ash and tar are going to dull the colors and natural character of the pipe. You’ll want to keep it clean, and here are some pointers for general maintenance.

There are two easy, basic ways to clean your glass hand pipes, and these methods should work for most general purposes since the solutions cut through wax, ash, and tar. A more thorough cleaning may be needed in some cases but in most this will serve fine.

One option is to create a solution of vinegar and baking soda; As it effervesces, you should allow it to run through the pipe. The acid of the vinegar will help to dissolve resin and tar and the baking soda is a water softener and mild abrasive. Gently wipe the exterior of the bowl and stem to remove lingering residue. The vinegar should also help to freshen up your pipe, eliminating odors.

When finished, you can simply wash out your glass hand pipe thoroughly and it should be sparkling like new. You can also try the following alternative.

If you don’t have vinegar or baking soda on hand, try cleaning it with a slightly stronger solution of isopropyl alcohol and iodine-free table salt. Use the highest concentration of isopropyl alcohol you can find; anything about 70% is alright but 90% is better at killing microbes and stripping away an oily residue.

Both the alcohol and the salt are effective at killing bacteria while the salt is a natural abrasive agent that can help scrub away tar and resin, which should readily dissolve in the presence of high-proof spirits. Once you’re done cleaning your pipe’s bowl and stem, thoroughly wash out your pipe several times. It is hazardous to inhale isopropyl fumes and you want to be sure that none remain behind.

Whichever method you choose, you can use small cotton swabs or a patch of a rag to help you clean off the pipe to ensure that no residue remains on or in your glass pipe.

By the way, we didn’t mention this at the outset of this point, but in addition to keeping your pipe looking fresh, there are functional reasons for periodic cleanings as well. A clean pipe with a clear stem will smoke better; ash and tar can clog the stem and sour the flavors of your herbs. Keeping a pipe clean will not only preserve the visual allure of your glass hand pipe but also provide a good smoking experience as well.

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