Benefits That Menthol Crystals Can Have On Your Health and Wellness

Menthol Crystals are crystals derived from menthol (mint) that are commonly used in aromatherapy, to promote easier breathing, sinus discomforts, temporarily relieve nasal congestion and others. Their cooling sensation makes Menthol Crystals ideal for alleviating several kinds of pain and irritation while easing tension and relaxing muscles.

At room temperature, these crystals appear colorless, solid but brittle, and are waxy to feel. At above room temperature, they would tend to melt into a strongly refreshing scent ideally dissolved in essential oils, water, or alcohol. Menthol is ultimately effective for oral hygiene for its invigorating effect and cooling sensation. Its analgesic components are used in lozenges that alleviate soreness of the throat, they are also present in balms, creams, and ointments. Some cosmetic products like makeup and hairstyling products contain Menthol because of its plumping and cooling effect.

History of Menthol Crystals
In ancient times, before Menthol Crystals became popular, Peppermint leaves were used through various cultures to aid common respiratory ailments. The leaves were chewed to help get rid of bad breath and soothe a sore throat. They were also used to make medical dressings for cuts and wounds. Some interesting cultures used Peppermint leaves in culinary action. Most Menthol crystals come from India, extracted from mint leaves. They went through a gentle freezing process producing concentrated crystals with extremely powerful effects. Gradually by the 19th century, Menthol came to America and gained popularity for its efficacy in relieving various ailments as well as nausea and congestion.

What are their benefits?
Having a decent supply of menthol crystals in one of your cupboards is great for when you are in need of relief. They are highly effective to reduce muscle pain, cramping, nausea, itching, headaches, fevers, sinus issues, and dry coughs. Nowadays, companies make mint shampoos and lip balms tapping into the curative powers of natural mint herb to create a tingly, natural, refreshing, and invigorating effect.

Inhaling the somewhat medicinal and mentally revitalizing scent is, in fact, bewitching, and something that makes the herb all the more alluring in this epoch of anxiety.

Add in Menthol crystals to mineral oil and apply topically to reduce dryness. They can also be added to your hair care products to help decrease inflammation and have a positive effect on hair growth. Putting menthol crystals in your diffuser can reduce stress, rejuvenate the mind and body while improving the quality of sleep. They are also great mosquito and other insect repellents.

The refreshing scent of mint not only benefits the body but the home as well. Or any space really. The crystals are known to have a deodorizing effect on any spaces they’re placed in, freshening the air of your humble abode. It is a great substitute for your harmful aerosols and other artificial air fresheners due to its non-toxic properties because not only do these products negatively affect health and bring about probable respiratory problems, they also give rise to further environmental harm. Menthol is a natural air-purifying agent so making good use of it could allow you to essentially have a solution that’s both more reasonable, just as effective, and far preferable for the world we live in.

Where to Find High-Quality Menthol Crystals
It’s a fact that menthol crystals have an incredible display of holistic uses, but you’re constantly wondering where you can find them for your DIY project. If you’re planning on creating your personal minty lip balm or refreshing and antibacterial soaps and shampoos, knowing where to get top-shelf quality steam distilled crystals is highly advantageous on your part.

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