Boast that Quaint Farmhouse Style with These Simple Additions

Is there really anything more tranquil and enamoring than seeing a farmhouse cozily nestled amongst waving crop fields and watching the smoke from its chimney lazily plume into the air?

We really don’t think so– and apparently nor do the many other people who have elected to adorn their home with a farmhouse style in mind. The modern farmhouse style sublimely meshes together rusticity, simplicity, and practicality. It is a seamless integration between the classic farmhouse charm we all know and love and clean 21st-century features.

At the center of anything and everything that constitutes “Farmhouse style” is natural materials, clean lines, and warm neutrals. Now that you have a brief understanding of what this type of style looks like, let’s take a quick look at some stunning additions you can place in your home to perfectly accomplish that farmhouse look!

Add a Farmhouse Trestle Table
When you think about the interior of a classic farmhouse, what is something that you notice right away in your vision? Would it be a wooden kitchen table or dining room table perhaps? That’s a common sight we all jump to envision when we think of the farmhouse interior, as this solid wood table is indeed made of natural elements and has those desirable clean lines.

That’s why we suggest adding a farmhouse trestle table to your own interior. This table is perfect for serving both a practical purpose (breakfast, lunch, and dinner anyone?) and adding a charming focal piece for your farmhouse-styled home. On top of all that, larger pieces of furniture go an exceptionally long way in this style!

Place a Kitchen Island in the Center of Your Kitchen
Who doesn’t love a kitchen island to improve both the aesthetics of your kitchen and the overall cooking experience within it? By adding such a piece, you can easily achieve that Farmhouse style that you’re after, especially if you have one to match the colors of your cabinets– or if it perfectly complements them!

Make that Color Scheme Pop
Another excellent and efficient way to reach that Farmhouse style goal is by changing up your color scheme, especially in your kitchen. We recommend colors like beige, white, and grays as the foundation. For accent colors, you should consider light blues, greens, and yellows.

Is (Almost) Everything Made of Natural Materials?
One of the key ingredients to nailing that Farmhouse-styled house is the inclusion of pieces made of natural materials. These certainly include wooden furniture and other elements but also pieces made of wicker, cotton, and stone, among others. Bonus points for selecting these with a matte finish!

Opt for That Weathered Look
As you might imagine is true in an authentic farmhouse, nothing is perfect. This, too, applies to your farmhouse-styled home. Choose pieces that are a bit more weathered to really bring out that farmhouse-like aesthetic!

Where Can You Get Farmhouse-Styled Furniture and Accents?
Now that you have a better idea of what you want out of your farmhouse decor, choose Eloquence to supply you with all that you need. They have a boundless catalog filled with stunning pieces that will easily assist you in creating that heartwarming farmhouse style you so desperately deserve in your home.

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