Bradley Lavatory Systems: Made to Last a Lifetime

If you are looking to buy bathroom fixtures to install throughout your building or for your next renovation project, Bradley lavatory systems are certainly an option worth considering. Bradley is one of the more popular options because they are a brand that emphasizes quality, and if you know where to shop, their products are easy to come by as well.

Let’s talk about other reasons why a Bradley lavatory is worth your consideration.

What’s Different About the Bradley Product Line?
Bradley lavatories are designed to be a one-of-a-kind, distinctive addition to any washroom. These days, washrooms are not just a necessary space in a building. With different technology available today, commercial designers can go crazy with the design, extra space made available by the design, the texture, etc.

So, when you’re choosing a lavatory product, you can go by the trend and make your washroom as classy as the next hotel washroom. It’s no longer just a functional space, and Bradley supports this shift in washroom expectations.

Created with the modern user in mind, the guys at Bradley eliminated all the unnecessary components from a traditional lavatory and created sinks that are as beautiful as they are practical.

Bradley sinks can increase the value of any washroom and make the building more attractive for tenants and visitors alike.

What Are Bradley Lavatories Made Of?
The materials used in bathroom sinks can affect the strength, durability, weight, and appearance of the lavatory. At Bradley, they use professional-grade stones and resins to craft the perfect sink for you.

Terreon Solid Surface Material
Terreon is made up of non-toxic, bio-based resins that do not give off harmful and volatile organic compounds. These resins are lighter than ceramics, which means Bradley sinks have lower load weights.

Bradley lavatory systems use Terreon and TerreonRE surface materials. These are non-porous materials so you don’t have to worry about molds, mildew, and bacteria, the growth of which can affect the quality of the air indoors.

Terreon solid surfaces last a lifetime. They can also be easily repaired and renewed, you’ll never need to replace the lavatories again. It is available in a variety of different colors to suit every taste and design preference.

Evero Natural Quartz Surface
Highly durable and sustainable, Bradley’s Evero Natural Quartz Surface is the first and only quartz material cast into round shapes so there’s no fabrication or seams that can impact design, or worse, harbor germs and bacteria.

Evero Natural Quartz and Terreon are products certified for low chemical emissions. They have a GREENGUARD GOLD Certification for Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Air Quality for Children & Schools.

Get Bradley Lavatory Systems. Get State-of-the-Art Lavatories
Bradley certainly produces quality commercial lavatory products. They cover everything from design and quality to cleanliness and being environmentally friendly.

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