Disposable Vape Pen Wholesale Deals

Pod based vaporizers have caused a huge change in the vape market over the last decade. Instead of following the trend of making bigger and more powerful vaporizers, these devices were designed to be small and compact, making them a great choice for vapers looking to be a little more discreet. Pod vapes sadly became too popular for their own good, leading to the current ban on the sale of pre-filled, flavored pods in vape shops. This means that vape shop owners who want to continue to offer flavored pod options need to find disposable vape pen wholesale options in order to continue offering the convenience of flavored pod style vaping.

What makes these vaporizers so special is the fact that they use specially formulated e-liquids. Before the Juul vaporizer all vapes used e-liquids containing freebase nicotine. This style of nicotine was easily extracted from tobacco leaves, but had its downsides. The main issue is that freebase nicotine is harsh at high concentrations, irritating the throat. This meant that delivering a useful amount of nicotine in a small puff of vapor was not easy. The use of nicotine salt e-liquids in place of freebase nicotine changed the game.

Nicotine is easily converted to its salt form by mixing it with a foodsafe acid. The resulting nicotine salts are smooth on the throat even at higher concentrations. This makes them ideal for low powered vaporizers. When a vaper takes a hit off a pod vape, they are able to enjoy the same amount of nicotine from a small and discreet cloud of vapor instead of needing to use a large traditional vape that produces huge clouds. The uptake of this nicotine is also faster, providing a sensation closer to smoking than vaping. This is part of what has helped to make pod vapes so popular for both traditional vapers and smokers looking for a discreet alternative.

Disposable vape pens are the latest style of pod vaporizer. Because pre-filled pods can no longer be sold, these vaporizers have the pod built in. This makes them perfectly legal to sell in any flavor. Once the vaporizer is out of juice, it is simply disposed of and replaced with a fresh vape. Because there is no need for maintenance, these vapes are some of the most convenient options on the market. It also means that there are plenty of brands now producing their own disposable vape pen wholesale options.

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