Do I Need A Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler For A Better Air Quality In My Home?

Basically, an air handler functions as a regulator and circulator for the heating and cooling (HVAC) system to bring out calculated and controlled air all throughout your space. Usually, installation occurs around a framing system as close to the central part of the home as possible, it can be in a utility closet or areas without condensation or humidity.

These units, such as Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler work to regulate the circulation of indoor air and temperature of the air before dispersing in your ventilation system. Before circulating throughout the ducts of the ventilation system, the air passes through a filter first to trap muck and dirt for you to totally enjoy high-quality air in your home.

Components of an Air Handler
There are four main components of the Air Handler required to bring the best levels of indoor relaxation. For Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler, the coil, blower motor, plenum connections, and air filter are main casts that simultaneously create a recurring air cycle throughout your home.

Evaporator Coils
The evaporator coils (also called indoor coils) are a vital component of the refrigeration cycle where the refrigerant absorbs heat, thus, the feel of the cold air occurs. They contain low-pressure, low-temperature refrigerant gas and are typically located near the blower fan. It is imperative to not forget the cleaning maintenance of the evaporator coil. Otherwise, with dust accumulation, the evaporator coil will reduce its efficiency leaving you with impaired heat absorption or ice build-up in the system.

The blower fan is the heating and cooling systems device responsible for sending conditioned air from the furnace and then circulating this air out of the system, forces the air into the ductwork, and onto your living areas throughout the house. Regular HVAC system maintenance is required to help keep your blower fan in good condition, a simple clearing off of muck and dirt built up can go a long way before troubleshooting for any malfunctions that will possibly occur if not prevented.

Air Filter
Generally, as the name implies, the air filter serves as a trap of any type of dirt and other contaminants which protect the system. Your Goodman 3 Ton’s air filter is situated within the air handler between the fan and intake ducting. The air that is drawn into the HVAC system is forced through the filter to remove any contaminants and distribute them into the vents and into the rooms of your home.

Do you own an older central air handler? Older units have older components and most of the time, due to the constant innovation of the technology, the older ones don’t perform as well as the new ones. Maybe it’s time you think about the welfare of your home and upgrade to a new air handler that could give you high-performing components with superior cooling performance.

Available at Budget Air Supply, Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler surely delivers an energy-efficient cooling power that provides a great deal of comfort within the confines of your home. Visit Budget Air Supply at or if you have questions about air handlers just call them up at 855-473-6484.

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