Do I Need to Use Metal Roof Snow Guards?

Let’s try to unpack some of the questions you might have regarding metal roof snow guards. Whether you are a professional in the industry looking to expand your skill set into metal roofing and snow retention, or you are a homeowner improving your property bit by bit, this is useful information to have. By the time we are done here, you should feel more confident about metal roof snow guards and determining when they should be installed in a property.

What Are Metal Roof Snow Guards For?
Snow guards make up a form of snow retention system for roofing, meaning they are used to help manage the amount of snow that falls onto rooftops. When rooftops are overloaded with compacted snow, the chances of an avalanche falling increases greatly. Small amounts of snow do not cause too much trouble, but a steady stream of compacted snow and ice build-up can have dangerous consequences. For one thing, it can fall and hit whatever lies underneath it. This concern goes even further when you consider the potential of someone being in the way of the roof avalanche. Metal roof snow guards help you to manage that concern by catching onto the snow and preventing it from falling down where you would not want it to. After some time passes, the snow remaining on the roof will melt away and pour out gently and safely. Essentially, metal roof snow guards help you control how the snow on your roofing falls over the edge.

Does My Home Need Them?
Now we can move on to determine if your property would benefit from having metal roof snow guards in place. This is something that you should seriously consider if your home has metal roofing installed with sloped sides. That is setting yourself up for a difficult situation in the winter if the precipitation slides off of your roof. The metal does not provide enough friction for the snow to slowly fall off on its own at a moderate pace. Instead, snow and ice remain where they settle on the roof and build up until an avalanche occurs. This is especially dangerous if you live in an area where the winter snowfall is heavy and steady. You may have seen this already throughout the winters past. If that’s the case, then you will want to count your blessings that no one and no things were hurt. You will also want to consider installing metal roof snow guards if there are children or physically impaired people in your home since they may be caught up under a rooftop avalanche. It is best for everyone’s safety if snow guards were in place to prevent such accidents.

All of this information should have helped you develop a better understanding of when to install snow guards onto a roof. Generally, any home with metal roofing in an area that receives snowfall would benefit from having snow guards in place as a preventive measure. Take a look at some of the metal roof snow guards available at to learn more about them and to stock up when you are ready to install.

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