Dress to Impress with a Light Blue Fur Coat

You’re going to find that many fashion guides will key in on fur’s natural beauty when offering advice for how to mix, match and accessories. The majority of fur garments sport the natural colors of the coat – white, silver, gray, black, earth tones or even a rusty red. Few are brightly, artificially colored.

Yet some are, and if you aren’t capitalizing on the opportunities provided by some of these, you’re leaving potential out of your wardrobe – dust off (figuratively, of course) that light blue coat in your closet and try out some of these trends.

Try matching it with blue jeans for monochromatic continuity
Sometimes color needs a little helping hand from like shades to create a sense of harmony. Believe it or not, you can match the casual look of blue jeans to fur effortlessly, especially if the fur’s own colors will vibe with it. Try pairing a light blue fur coat (preferably a short one) with a pair of faded or washed out blue jeans, and wear the coat open. You may find that you love the style.

Pair it with a dark blue felted wool hat like a cloche
In keeping with the monochromatic trend, try pairing a blue hat with a light blue coat. Choose a felted fur hat like a cloche because the matted, plain, patternless texture of felted wool adds pleasing contrast to the extra dimension of fur.

●Create contrast with a brightly colored handbag
If you’re looking for a way to make your light blue fur coat pop, consider pairing it up with a brightly colored handbag – something small, like a clutch. Choose something in hot pink, bright red or even yellow; or better, blue’s complement, orange!

●Rock blue-tinted shades
Shades and fur are natural born-mates, and will give you a rockstar sort of look. However, if you really want to go the extra yard and create a sense of continuity, choose a pair of shades with blue tinted lenses.

Silver, platinum, rhodium will also compliment a light blue fur coat – as will these other gems
The beautiful thing about the color blue (one of the beautiful things about the color blue) is that it can be paired to almost any other color. However, neutral metals like silver, rhodium and platinum (or even white gold) are a natural match.

Set a complimentary foundation
If your shirt or blouse will be visible underneath your coat, consider choosing a bright orange or yellow one. In each other’s company, both of these colors will appear brighter and more deeply saturated.

Or, tone down with neutrals
Try a different trick from the one mentioned immediately previously – try out wearing white, gray, silver or black with blue instead, for a more muted, softened look.

Open or closed?
The classic way to wear a fur coat is closed, because, obviously, fur coats are meant to shut out the elements. However, there’s a trend to wear shorter coats open, which will allow you to really show off some of the trends mentioned above.

Choose the shoes!
Whether you rock a pair of knee high boots or prefer a pair of classic heels, there are infinite opportunities for you to take with footwear. Remember, the shoes you pair with your outfit are some of the only accessories that will almost always be visible, regardless of the style or length of your coat – choose wisely!

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