Everything you need to know about international business lawyers

What is international business?
When a business has its operation spread across borders, it can be categorized as an international business. Even if your business is bound within a nation but you import resources from outside the nation, your business will fall under the spectrum of international businesses.

Ideally business requires people, skills, raw materials and funding from international sources. When dealing with businesses outside the border, you are exposed to many possible mishaps. Mainly because each country has a different set of rules and keeping up with them can be exhausting. To carry out this complex task, most businesses work in association with an international business law firm .

Who is an international business lawyer?
Though the definition of an international business lawyer changes with industry, In essence, international business lawyers represent a client in a transaction involving two or more countries.

The most prominent forms of transactions are buying and selling of goods, employment issues and financing. International business lawyers are required to be familiar with each country’s laws and regulations, and international agreements relevant to the trade.

Services that international business lawyers offer:

Sales Agreements
Exchange of goods is a very native type of international business. To carry out seamless operations that benefit the business optimally a trade structure is set up. The lawyers review the terms of operation and ensure that they abide by the rules and regulations of all the countries involved.

Employment Agreements
Employee agreements are personalized and needed to be drafted in detail following the terms finalized in the negotiations. For lower-level employees, there could be an agreement of a standard format. Executive-level employees mostly need a customized agreement as they involve many variables such as salary, bonuses, stock options and contract terms. An international business lawyer can help you navigate through this process effortlessly.

Service Agreements
Service agreements are fairly complex. Most agreements of these types require proper mention of all the terms discussed. As a service isn’t objectively tangible, there needs to be a mention of proper free structure along with clearly defined service tenure.

Each country has different rules and an agreement has to be prepared to comply with them. An international business lawyer takes care of the process when the services are to be offered internationally.

Real Estate
An international business lawyer helps businesses in purchasing real estate by firstly creating the necessary agreements required for the transfer. Further, they can structure the agreements in such a manner that minimizes the business’s exposure to tax implications.

Along with the services mentioned above, international business lawyers also help businesses in tax planning, act as legal counsel, secure investments, and provide general legal guidance.

If you have a business that deals internationally or are planning to establish one, you must work with an international business law firm who employ their expertise to help you navigate the way along with every turn. In Calgary, Du Plooy Law offers various services relating to international businesses such as creating sales contracts, business visas, government loans, corporate structuring and much more. Contact them now, and take your business across the border, safely.

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