French Provincial Bedroom Set Essentials You Absolutely Need

Want to completely transform your bedroom with beautiful antique furniture? The following guide will help you with the basics of creating a stunning room that will feel like a haven away from the busy world.

To put together an authentic bedroom, however, you need a better understanding of what goes into a proper French Provincial bedroom set and where you can find high-quality pieces of furniture in the proper styles you need.

Important Furniture For French-Style Bedrooms
A great bedroom needs to be as attractive as it is comfortable, with furniture that is stylish, authentic-looking, high-quality, and practical as well. Of course, this is one of the most important qualities of Provincial furniture. Your furniture should be a whole lot more than just something nice to look at. If it isn’t actually useful, your room won’t possess that special atmosphere you want.

Start With a Provincial Bed
You can’t have a bedroom without a vintage-style bed. In terms of styling your bedroom a certain way, it’s always beneficial to start with the bed, as this essential piece of furniture can be used to guide the rest of your decisions in terms of furniture details and general aesthetic.

Quality French-style beds often sport elaborate details and an unmatched look of luxury. With solid construction and beautiful tones, these pieces of furniture act as the center and grounding element of a Provincial bedroom.

Antique Nightstands
Another important element of French Provincial bedroom sets, nightstands act as a way to strengthen or amplify the appearance of your bed while also providing a high degree of utility. You can’t really put together a fully functional bedroom without nightstands or small tables by your bedside.

Nightstands not only bring a wealth of beauty with them, but are great storage options and can also help you display important decor pieces as well. They can also be used for important electronics such as lamps, clocks, and your phone.

Dressers And Other Storage Pieces
All bedrooms need reliable storage options, but what’s great about Provincial style bedrooms is that these pieces afford an extra sense of beauty and energy to your bedroom. With elegant carvings and worn patinas, these pieces can enhance the overall look of your bedroom while providing you with all the utility you need in terms of clothing storage.

Add an Antique Bench
A beautiful bench can help to frame your bed as well and will give your Provincial bedroom that extra bit of style and will provide some much needed seating as well. Beautiful French-style benches are also great for decor purposes as well, offering a place for linen and throw pillows, or as simply a place to sit without having to mess up your bed.

Vanity Mirrors and More
To really enhance your bedroom, you can also add an exquisite antique mirror to use for vanity purposes. Depending on the size of your bedroom and how much natural light the room receives, a larger mirror may also help the space to feel roomier and more open than before. Of course these pieces also act as attractive decor elements in their own right.

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