French Style Bedside Table | Decorating a French Country Bedroom

If you’re a fan of everything French, there’s nothing like sleeping in your French country-style bedroom after a hard day’s work. A French-country decorated room has the ability to instantly transport you that if you stepped into a French country bedroom, with a French-style bedside table or bed, you’ll instantly feel like you’re deep in the heart of Provence.

So, what are you going to need to transform your bedroom into an Instagram-worthy French country dream? Here’s everything you want to know.

Consider Having a Barn Door
Barn doors are extremely adaptable pieces of furniture. They’re no longer just for barns. Using sliding barn doors in place of a bathroom or closet door may completely transform your space, so it’s not difficult to see why so many are fond of barn doors.

For smaller bedrooms, barn doors are also preferable to swinging doors because they occupy a smaller space. Decorating with barn doors allows you to reclaim some valuable space.

Go with Light-Colored Walls
The neutral-colored walls are one of the hallmarks of a French country-style bedroom. Neutral walls are essential, whether you choose a warm neutral color like cream or beige or a chilly neutral like gray. Neutral colors also allow for more flexibility in designing.

Use French Style Beddings
The materials on your bed will make a significant difference in your French country-style room.

Infuse your space with timeless elegance and get a French country vibe with French-style beddings. A lace-hemmed sheet or a pleated bed skirt adds an aristocratic French sophistication to your bedroom. Don’t forget duvet covers, blankets, and decorative pillows to complete the look.

Add a Faux Fireplace
You can add a rustic, French provincial feel to your bedroom by faking a fireplace. If you have a real fireplace or enough space to build one in your bedroom, lucky you.

Installing a working fireplace is a huge job that is neither practical nor cost-effective for the majority of other people.

So, for those who can only dream of having a real fireplace in the bedroom, a false mantle can do the aesthetic part of the job well. Get the look without spending a fortune and make a faux fireplace a lovely focal point of your bedroom.

Get an Antique or a Vintage Furniture
Antiques and family treasures are prized by the French. It’s impossible to have a French country bedroom without at least one piece of vintage or antique furniture.

You could add a chandelier in the style of a French country house. You could also get a piece as simple as a French-style bedside table topped by table lamps or as elaborate as an antique dresser. Whatever it is, a piece of antique or vintage furniture will undoubtedly add to the old-world charm that is synonymous with French country design.

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