Get Cozy with Plug-in Heaters for Your New Home

Winter is knocking, and let’s face it: nobody likes being cold in their own home. When it comes to battling the cold indoors, a good heater isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Enter the game-changer in the heating world: the Envi Heater.

This heater will transform your cold living spaces into comfortable havens. But this isn’t just any heater; it’s a modern, chic, and beautifully crafted wall-mounted plug-in heater.

Why the Envi Heater Stands Out in a Crowded Market

So you’ve probably heard about a bunch of kinds of space heaters, but the Envi has a variety of features that set it apart:

Silent Night, Holy Night: No fan? No noise! Since the Envi Heater operates without a fan, you won’t have those pesky dust particles or allergens swirling around your room. And for those who cherish their sleep, rejoice! No loud hums or buzzes to interrupt your beauty sleep.

Safety First and Always: Ever bumped into a heater and panicked? With the Wall-Sens(TM) Technology, if the Envi Heater is knocked off or even removed from the wall, the power cuts out immediately. The proprietary mounting system ensures it functions properly, guaranteeing utmost safety.

Your Wallet Will Thank You: With its economical design using just 500 watts, this heater’s operating cost is mere pennies. We’re talking 4-5 cents an hour.

Installation? A Breeze!: Forget about hiring professionals and dishing out extra money. Grab a screwdriver, and in 5 minutes or less, your Envi Heater will be up and warming your space.

Dive Deeper: Features of the Envi Heater

With its patented design and state-of-the-art technology, the Envi Heater is revolutionizing the plug-in heater market.

Always the Right Temperature: With the True Temperature-Controlling Thermostat, your room will always feel just right.

A Touch of Class: This isn’t a bulky heater. With its slim 2-inch design and flowing curves, the Envi Heater adds a touch of modern elegance to any room.

Sleep Like a Baby: A dimming power light ensures even the lightest sleepers won’t be disturbed.

A Win for the Environment: With 100% Pure Convection Heating and a fanless design, the air quality remains pristine.

Space, No Issue: Whether it’s a cozy study or a spacious living room, this heater can warm up spaces of 150 square feet or more.

The Envi Heater is Here to Stay

For those who value safety, efficiency, style, and economy, the choice is clear. The Envi line of heaters has everything needed in order to provide a quick and easy heating solution throughout the home.

So, to all the new homeowners out there looking to invest in a chic, modern, and supremely functional heater, this is the time. Don’t just settle for any heater; choose the one that promises more than just warmth. Choose the future of plug-in heaters. Head over to and bring the warmth of the Envi Heater to your home!

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