Get Creative with Oil Based Clay

Everyone at some point in their lives enjoys the fun and joy that comes with doing arts and crafts. This popular hobby allows you to fully express yourself in the form of art. Art has a funny and interesting way of opening your mind and imagination for creating beautiful masterpieces every day. There are many mediums to create many forms of art, but one of the most hands-on and fun ways is to use clay.

This type of art supply can be very easy to use and is friendly to all people, professionals and hobbyists alike. While it may seem like there is only one type of clay that you have probably seen at a pottery class or in your elementary school’s art class, there are actually other types of clay you can use to create a beautiful expression of your imagination.

Clay is not just used for pottery, you can sculpt out incredible designs and figurines with the help of clay. There are a few different types of clay that can be used for this purpose. Below we are going to specifically focus on oil based clay.

What is Oil Based Clay?
Clay made with oil is primarily made with a combination of oils, waxes, and clay minerals. Since oil does not evaporate as it would with water-based clay, clay with oil continues to be malleable and usable even when untouched for long periods of time or left in dryer environments.

However, since this clay is based with oil, it cannot be fired. These types of clays are mostly suitable for super-detailed creations or mold-making. Being that this clay is neither sticky nor easily dries out, it’s an ideal type of clay for many artists to use.

Oil clay can be used for many different purposes, the most popular forms being industrial design, creating molds, sculptures, clay sketches, and rapid prototyping. The reasoning behind this is because this clay can actually hold detail extremely well, so for people who are detail-oriented and like to create intricate designs in their sculpture, this clay is the one for you.

This kind of clay is extremely versatile and user-friendly, making it ideal for newbies just starting out in the world of creating with clay. For anyone who enjoys working with their hands or sculpting things with small tools, this type of clay is the perfect option for you. Your imagination can truly run wild with the help of oil based clay.

Where to Find this Clay
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