Guide to Cutting Your Cigar with a Cigar Cutter Knife

An enjoyable part of the cigar-smoking experience is the preparation. Before lighting up, take a moment to ponder the process that went into making this fine product. You can’t just light a cigar and puff away as you can with cigarettes.

To begin with, practically all premium cigars have a closed cap that must be cut in order to light it. In addition, you would be wise to utilize something other than matches as your source of ignition in this situation.

The ideal technique to cut a cigar is up to each person, as there are numerous ways to accomplish this. But only a cigar cutter knife can be used to efficiently light a cigar.

Cutting Your Cigar With A Cigar Cutter Knife
For a cigar connoisseur, the act of smoking a cigar is all about the enjoyment it provides. Sitting back and relaxing for an hour or two with an excellent cigar, clipping the cap, and lighting the foot.

It’s good to be able to disconnect for a little while and feel relaxed. As a result, the tools you choose to work with are as significant.

There are two distinct parts to a cigar: the head and the foot. Cigars almost always have a cap on their heads. In order to keep the tightly wound cigar wrapper from unraveling, they are sealed with a cap.

The cap also demonstrates to a novice cigar smoker which end of the cigar is not to be lit. It is the flavorful outermost sections of the tobacco leaves that make up the cigar’s foot. Of course, you wouldn’t want to sever the best part of the cigar, would you?

When it comes to removing the cap, some people like to use a match stick or their fingernails or teeth. A pocket knife can be used to cut along the top of the cap to get rid of the wrapper that’s been covering it. While these methods work in a crisis, a cigar cutter knife is a need for a neat, smooth cut.

How To Properly Cut Your Cigar
If you cut your cigars the wrong way, you’ll end up with a messy experience that includes unraveling the wrappers and ripping open the cigars. A cigar that has been improperly cared for and/or handled may become unusable.

Cigar lighting is an art, and we’re here to teach you how to do it correctly so you can enjoy a flawless cut each and every time.

To prevent the wrapper from unraveling, always leave a small amount of flag and glue when cutting. This is done by slicing below the cap’s end, leaving a thin strip of leaf surrounding the aperture.

There is no locking mechanism in a typical cigar knife; it is held open by applying pressure to a metal tail on one end of the blade. Friction folders are more common.

Legally, locking knives cannot be used in places where they are considered weapons, therefore this is a significant consideration for those places. By virtue of the knife’s dull tip, it’s impossible to use it to really stab a victim.

When cutting the wrapper leaf, caution must be exercised to avoid tearing it. As a result, soaking the head before cutting can be a wise measure to take.

The easiest way to do this is to lay the cigar’s cap on your lips and blow on it. No need to lick the cigar to moisten it because the humidity in your breath is more than enough to do the trick. As a bonus, you can enjoy a taste of the cigar’s wrapper before you even light the cigarette.

It’s much easier to cut a wet cap than a dry one. When handling a properly damp cigar, wetting the end of the cigar will make your duty easier and lessen the risk of tearing.

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