Guide to Finding The Best Labels for Kids Online

When it comes to daycare, summer camp, and school, there’s a lot you’ll need to help your kid be prepared for. One of those things is actually labeling their stuff! Labels for kids are super important, but not just any brand of labels will do.

Here is a quick guide on why high-quality labels are recommended for properly labeling your child’s things!

Why do you need labels for kids?
We love our kids but let’s be real — they lose things. A lot.

It can be frustrating for you and your kid to find out that their jacket went missing or that another kid stole their markers. You can avoid confusion and disorganization, however, by using labels for kids. Whether it’s an article of clothing or school supplies, there are labels you can use that will ensure your child’s stuff is returned to them since they include their name, phone number, and other important information.

Labels are also great to use for bottles and lunch boxes. This will not only help you find things that were lost at school or daycare, but will keep your kid safe. You can add food sensitivities and allergies to the labels, helping teachers take note of what your child can and cannot eat. You can say what is in the bottle as well, which can further help teachers take care of your kid properly.

What kind of labels are there?
There are peel and stick labels and iron-on labels. Peel and stick labels are more versatile but won’t last as long as iron-ons. They are great for labeling things on the go or for putting on objects that can’t be ironed. Iron-on labels are great for clothing, like winter jackets and extra socks. They are durable and will last through bad weather and accidents.

What to look for in labels for kids
If you’re looking for quality labels for kids, look no further than Sticky Monkey Labels. The name labels you will find here are made with children in mind, featuring colorful designs, safe materials, and various shapes for things that kids bring to school with them. You’ll find labels for clothing and ones specifically for shoes as well as labels for bottles, notebooks, and writing utensils. The labels are customizable, allowing you to write your child’s name and your phone number, as well as any other important information.

The creator of Sticky Monkey is Dodie, a mother who created the business while she had a newborn. It wasn’t easy but she remained determined and passionate. The labels are custom-made and developed by Dodie herself.

What to use labels for

– Shirts, pants, and other extra clothing
– Jackets
– Boots and sneakers
– Lunchboxes and other food containers
– Medication and other health-related items
– Notebooks, pens, and other school supplies
– Backpacks
– Cubbies

As you can see, there is certainly no shortage of ways you can put these name labels to good use if you want your child to stay more organized. Take a look around Sticky Monkey Labels, and you will see why they are the #1 choice when it comes to name labels for kids, they really have it all!

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