Helpful Advice for Anyone Learning to Ride a Unicycle

Learning to ride a unicycle, or even a minibike, is not without its challenges. It’s probably going to be different from everything else you’ve ever learned to do up to this point.

And, not only will it be physically challenging, it will be mentally taxing as well.

So, you might as well learn from the sage wisdom of those that have done it before you. They know best, and these are some helpful tips from actual unicyclists.

Start with a Unicycle That Fits You
First things first, you need to start with a unicycle that is the proper size. You’ll need your inseam measurement for this.

Inseam measurements for unicycles are generally disclosed in the product specifications, so be sure to pay close attention to this metric when you’re shopping.

Set Your Seat Height Properly
Once you’ve gotten a unicycle that you’re confident is the appropriate size for you, be sure to set the seat height properly.

You do not want to be standing on the pedals. This will burn more energy than necessary, tire you out prematurely, and probably make it more difficult to balance.

Raise the seat height to the point that your leg will be almost fully (but not completely fully) extended at the lowest point.

This will maximize your use of energy, and sitting in the saddle (instead of standing) will help you develop the proper muscle memory required for balance.

Use a Handrail Assist
If you can, get used to balancing in the saddle and moving forward and backward via the aid of a rail, such as a handrail along a wall.

If you don’t have that, you can improvise by taking two chairs, facing their backs to each other, and using the top of the chair’s back for balance.

This will help you get used to shifting your weight and keeping balanced while you’re in the saddle.

Tuck in Your Laces
One more tip – closed-toe, athletic shoes, and sneakers are great for unicycle riding, but you’re going to want to tuck in your laces.

They can easily get tangled in the spokes or crank arms/pedals, which will toss you out of the saddle quickly.

Speaking of which…

If You Fall, Let It Go (And Wear the Proper Safety Gear)
If you fall off of a unicycle, don’t try to arrest the fall. Just tuck and roll and let the unicycle go. Then you can get back up and (proverbially) get right back in the saddle.

Also, always wear the right safety gear. Always wear a helmet, and wear elbow and knee pads, too. Many riders also wear gloves and wrist guards.

Start with Something Affordable and Practical
Now that you’re through this high-level overview of tips for beginners, it’s time to get serious about getting a one-wheeler if you really want to learn to ride.

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