How Bose Line Array Systems Are Changing The Live Performance Scene

Many things have changed in the last three decades in the music industry. The big five dinosaurs saw their rule being challenged by Napster. They might have won, but their market shares got severely damaged. People found the ability to download tracks for free, eliminating the need to purchase albums stuffed with fillers. Artists are now forced to give people what they want without any of the fluff.

But one other important change that is not being noticed enough has been happening in the live performance scene for some time now.

I remember when running a small cover band or startup operation required constant haggling with venues and sound dudes for a piece of the door cover. I remember it was not unusual for us to settle for a couple of beers and “exposure”.

Things have changed a lot and PA equipment has become a lot more affordable and powerful. You no longer need an expensive 24 channel mixer, a heavy power source and full battery of speakers to give you a decent sound. Companies like Bose have put out a ton of versatile options that carry a ton of punch and are easy to carry around and set up.

Don´t get me wrong, the demand for sound guys and companies is still up, especially for high attendance places. However, a lot of bars and small venues now carry their own all-in-one sound systems that require little to no technical knowledge and still deliver unmatched levels of clarity and punch that can be enjoyed by audiences without any loss in quality no matter where they are located.

The latest Bose Line Array is extremely lightweight and does not require a lot of storage space. It is made with portability in mind, offering a really attractive solution for bands and performers who don’t like to gamble with their sound when trying out a new venue.

All Bose line array systems are completely powered, giving you enough juice to completely fill rooms of up to one thousand screaming fans without any loss in quality. The line array speakers come with articulated two inch drivers that provide a 180 degrees horizontal coverage. You can place the whole system right behind a 4 member band, and the sound will still reach the far corners of your venue. Moreover, the system is configured to eliminate the discrepancies between what the band hears and what the audiences receive.

Moreover, the system can be controlled from a mobile device via the Pro Mix app, which removes the need for a mixer or even a technician, and allows artists to monitor themselves in real time. I call this real power to the masses.

Now, You might think these incredible systems cost an arm and a leg, however they can be found at a fair price at select stores in Minneapolis and Saint Paul like Visit their website and find out the right Bose Line Array system for your specific needs today.

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