How Can WordPress SEO Help My Business?

As WordPress pushes its way into the eCommerce world, the need for WordPress SEO has gone through the roof.

While big eCommerce platforms are entangled in a never-ending competition to see which one offers the best features, WordPress quietly expands its territory by offering tools and features that directly address the needs of business owners who want to capitalize on the blogging power of WordPress to promote their products and services.

The platform powers 37% of all websites on the internet, and an incredible 60% of all content management systems implemented around the world.

Why is this important?
We all want to sell our products and place them closer to our target audiences, using the best tools available. Most eCommerce platforms do a great job when it comes to making it easier for business owners to build an online store. However, SEO has always been, and will continue to be, about content. Google has made this very clear as information queries now exclude commercial websites and ads from results and favor informative blog posts.

So, when you start any SEO campaign, you will first focus on keyword research, user intent, and a content strategy. This is because Google favors websites that provide relevant content and answer questions their users ask online.

Other eCommerce platforms indeed allow you to create engaging copy, product descriptions, and meta titles that, in conjunction, give your website a better chance at climbing up in search results. However, they are no match for WordPress blogging capabilities and content management tools.

This versatile platform also provides great WordPress SEO tools that impact the performance of your website. Yoast is among the most popular tools as it has a user-friendly dashboard that gives you complete control over vital aspects of your website structure. For example, Yoast allows users to directly modify robots.txt files right from the dashboard without requiring you to go through the process of having to upload and install them every time you make a slight modification. Jetpack, another widely used WordPress SEO plugin, makes it extremely easy to optimize images, page speed, and XML sitemaps without having to learn how to code. It also reduces bloat by allowing you to only install only the features you need.

Additionally, if you want your website to focus on user experience, nothing beats WordPress. The platform is built for speed, making users want to stay longer and browse through your content and products. It also offers great responsiveness features making it easier for users to navigate your website from their smart devices. They also make it really easy to integrate your marketing campaigns with social media for a more impactful content and link building strategy.

However, WordPress SEO goes beyond installing a few plugins and writing content. You need the help of expert digital marketers like Genius eCommerce to tap into the unlimited potential this platform offers.

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