How To Find The Best Carbon Fiber Supplier

Carbon fiber has been around for decades now, but it still excites the imagination of many. It was long touted as the super material of the future due to its incredible strength and frankly unnatural lightweightness. Many forecast its universal adoption in almost every industry, and we were told space ships and planes would be completely made of carbon fiber in the future.

As it often happens, all those visions of a squared pattern future turned out to be just wishful thinking. While carbon fiber is indeed a super material, the cost of making high-quality carbon fiber parts is still too high to be universally adopted.

However, things seem to be changing in the manufacturing world as a few carbon fiber suppliers bring in innovative technologies that ensure incredible quality and affordability. The process has changed a lot with time, making it easier for anyone to get their hands on excellent carbon fiber sheets or panels and get creative.

What makes carbon fiber ideal for so many applications is its incredible tensile strength. Parts made of this material are very resistant and lightweight. It is also extremely versatile. The manufacturing process starts with organic polymers resins called polyacrylonitrile. However, when combined with other materials, like gases or liquids, during the manufacturing process, you obtain certain effects or quality grades. High-grade sheets and panels are often used in extremely demanding applications where integrity and durability are paramount, such as the aerospace industry.

The precursors, or the name given to raw materials in the industry, are mixed and then spun into long threads or fibers. This is an important process that requires extreme attention to detail to continually wash and stretch the fibers and then stabilize the chemical bonding of the materials.

Then the fibers are exposed to high temperatures so the carbon crystallizes, and then the fibers are oxidized to continue the bonding process. The finished products are thin fibers that are then wound onto bobbins that will be used in spinning machines to create different size yarns.

Carbon fiber is woven into fabric that shows the recognizable squared pattern. The fabric is infused with resin to make carbon fiber parts and flat sheets. However, not all carbon fiber sheets are created equal. If your project requires the best quality for increased integrity and durability, it is best to contact a trusted carbon fiber supplier that can guarantee sheets with very specific characteristics. To recognize high-quality carbon sheets make sure they lie absolutely flat on surfaces without showing signs of waves or warpings. Also, look out for scratches. Even a nick or marred edges show poor craftsmanship. Your sheets mustn’t present any pinholes or tiny holes that let the light through as if the sheet were poked with needles.

We only know one manufacturer able to guarantee the best quality and the best prices. Protech Composites is by far the best carbon fiber supplier in the US, ensuring high quality and affordability for any project. Contact them today, and find out more about their carbon fiber products and manufacturing process.

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