How To Find The Perfect Driver Shafts For Sale

Finding the perfect driver shafts for sale on the internet is a hard and complicated task if you don’t know how to look for the right one. Oftentimes, driver shafts are ignored when it comes to panache and execution in the golf course but it is actually like the car’s transmission. It connects the power dispatched by the golfer to the clubhead and down to the golf ball.

There are two types of driver shafts for sale online and these are steel shafts and graphite shafts. Steel shafts are more on the durable, usually less expensive side compared to a graphite shaft. However, graphite shafts are more lightweight and are used by many golfers because it provides greater swing speed for more power which would come in handy during competitions. You’ll have to get used to them for a few months at least since they tend to cause loss of control due to the flex created during the swing. Although, because of its lightness, graphite shafts tend to be the ultimate choice for most golfers that need an extra boost to create clubhead speed.

Custom Fitting
There are certain factors that come into play when ordering custom driver shafts online. And one very important is the shaft flex. What is shaft flex? The flex is an indicator of a golf shaft’s capability to bend during a swing. It affects the distance and direction of the golf ball once hit. Most golfers favor less bend in a shaft for more control on the swing. Very important, shaft manufactures have different flex specifications, none are exactly alike.

Is The Length Important?
Golfers, especially those who are new in the game tend not to notice the importance of the length of the shaft. When buying driver shafts for sale, they tend to ignore this part and focus more on the weight and the type of the shaft. However, the length of your driver shaft certainly affects the strike point and the overall feel of the golf club. Not considering this aspect of choosing a golf shaft could cause a few problems for you. Take note that your size (if you’re tall or short), your arm length, swing speed, and other preferences are all important aspects that could help you achieve finding the right driver shaft.

What is Shaft Torque?
Another crucial aspect in choosing the right shaft is the torque. The shaft’s torque plays more into feel than anything else combined. The lower the torque rating, the more the shaft resists twisting, while a high torque rating means it tends to twist without difficulty.

Where Should I Buy The Perfect Shaft Online?
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