How to Identify the Best AR 15 Brass Catcher

AR-15 owners love accessories and attachments. These rifles are made for them, with tons and tons of rail space and mount mounts for slides, side saddles and more. One such accessory is a brass catcher. Not every shooter uses one, but they are highly convenient for managing and recovering spent brass, and some rangers require shooters or autoloaders to use brass catchers, or at least to clean up their shells.

But not all brass catchers are created equal; far from it. Just like optics and laser sights, some are just plain made better than others, and the proof is in the experience. So how do you identify the best AR-15 brass catcher of them all?

Well, there are objective and subjective ways to do it. Obviously, among the objective reasons are compatibility with your firearm itself and with the cartridge with which it is paired. A brass catcher wouldn’t be much use if it wasn’t compatible with your rifle or jammed whenever you actually started to use it. So it should fit your gun and readily accept your shells – but those are preliminary considerations.

Have you ever had a problem with a brass catcher that melted or caught fire? Many AR-15 brass catchers are made with mesh bags with a zipper at the bottom. These promise to be made of heat-resistant mesh or heat-resistant nylon, but we all know how hot spent brass can get. It’s tough to get these things to really catch a flame, but more frequently they’ve been known to melt. That’s a big headache because then you’re suddenly out of a brass catcher, which means you’re out of money and you don’t even have the tool you need!

Many of these brass catcher bags cover your ejection port and attach and detach to your Picatinny rail mounts. Pic rail shell catchers like these have some other problems, such as the fact that they can obstruct your sight picture or get in the way of other accessories like scope mounts. The mounting system might be convenient, but if it covers part of your top rail or gets in the way of your iron sights, what good is it, really?

Not very good, which is why we’re going to introduce you to a new brass catcher that might just rightly be called the best AR-15 brass catcher on the market. It’s easy to attach, widely compatible, catches spent casings with ease, and solves many of the problems suggested here.

The Brass Goat, by Magwell Mounts, is superior to many Pic rail brass catchers because it is not a Pic rail brass catcher. It mounts easily to your lower receiver Magwell in mere seconds, snapping right on, without the need for tools. That keeps it out of the way of your sights and also doesn’t block any of the rail space on your upper receiver.

It’s also made from high-impact, molded ABS resin, so guess what else this AR-15 brass catcher won’t do – it won’t catch fire, and it also won’t melt. Also, since it’s made from tough plastic, it won’t catch on twigs or brambles in the field, and it’s highly resistant to impact and stress. This AR-15 brass catcher also will reliably hold your brass cases, provided that you pair it up with a compatible cartridge.

To learn more about how to mount it to your firearm, the firearms with which it is compatible, or which cartridge casings it will accept, visit today. You can also get in touch with their customer service team directly at 1-833-MAGWELL or by email at [email protected].

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