How To Organize A Simple Changing Table

A simple changing table can go a long way especially for new moms who had their baby via cesarean section. The pain of bending over the crib just to change your baby’s nappies can get old quickly, so it’s worth upgrading.

People tend to act all-experienced by giving you lists to buy for when your baby arrives. They give you general lists of things to shop but they never mention specific details so you won’t end up tossing the ones you thought are already a good buy. It’s like when buying a stroller, you weren’t informed they come with different designs nowadays and so when you found out about a stroller that could also be detached and would serve as a baby carrier or a baby car seat, you subtly kick yourself for even listening.

Now they tell you not to buy even a simple changing table because for them, it is just a waste of money and that apparently, you can’t just slap a changing mat onto the counter and do the changing from there. Isn’t that hard to imagine? Not to mention, inconvenient?

Organizing a simple diaper changing table involves choosing the right table and making sure you have all the essentials you need to change your baby’s diaper fast and easily. But a simple changing table can get really messy when you don’t have the mind and time to get it organized or if you don’t really have any idea how and where to start. Also, the design and color of the changing table are a great factor for you to jump start on organizing it just the way you want. The changing table would look really good if it also goes with the classic grace theme you got going on in the nursery. Now, isn’t that pretty?

Let’s take a look at some ideas on how to get your changing table from simple to so fab.

Goes With The Whole Ensemble
First off, the theme. A classic white and wood theme can never go wrong. And just to give you an idea about the design of the changing table you’d want to get your hands on is DaVinci’s Jenny Lind Changing Table from Kids ‘n Cribs. The intricate spindle posts design of this simple changing table just goes with the whole aesthetically classic theme. Get the one in white. It adds to the whole “clean look” of the nursery.

Keep The Basics Within Reach
Keep the basics in a caddy such as baby oil, baby powder, diaper rash cream, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and at least 5-6 diapers. Put it on top of the table. A wire basket is also a very efficient caddy to store all the basics. This way, you could see everything that’s inside whenever you want to take one out in a hurry.

Dedicated Shelf for Diapers
It’s definitely practical to stock up on diapers and dedicate the entire first shelf for those. Put them in a nice and dainty caddy to avoid clutter. We’re talking about a changing table here so definitely have lots of diapers on standby readily available at all times.

Extra Shelf For Extra Stuff
In case of a bathroom emergency, you should always have extra onesies, socks, and mittens on the bottom shelf. Place them in a caddy just like the ones you used to store the diapers. All caddies should look the same to avoid a “clutter look”. You can also put an extra caddy for stuffed animals so your fussy baby can have something to play with while you’re on diaper changing duty.

If you’re looking for a simple yet dainty changing table with quality design and are inclined with safety standards, check out Kids N Cribs for more baby furniture you might need.

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