How To Plan a Safe and Epic 21st Birthday Party

Turning 21 is the most special age which young adults celebrate for. For starters, it’s where the legal drinking age falls and the period where they have saved enough to throw an epic house party with the theme of their own choosing. Many young teens have dreamed about this moment. It’s the day that marks true adulthood after one legendary night of fun and excitement.

However plenty the perks are when approaching this stage in life, it’s never a good idea to taint your lungs with cigarette smoke. You may drink all you want till you pass out, which of course will be flushed out from your system after a day or two—depending on how hammered you were. But trying out cigarette smoking, no good can ever come out of it once it hits your nervous system. This is why, if you’re planning on throwing the birthday party of the year, provide your guests with only the best disposable nicotine-free e-cigs in the market, check out more reasons why below.

No Stink
If you haven’t tried it before, the smell of cigarette smoke clings hard on clothing. It does not get easily washed off and if that’s the case, imagine what it can do for your lungs. Getting together with a potential flame is also common in these gatherings, you probably wouldn’t want to smell like a dirty ashtray around them once the going gets good. Although, having a few mystifying clouds of smoke in the air at a birthday party like this brings almost an otherworldly effect. You can still have that, but with disposable nicotine-free e-cigs no less.

They’re Pretty Cool
Let’s make this clear, vaping a disposable nicotine-free e-cig is undeniably cool. It also adds a whole other modern vibe to your party. On top of that, since they’re e-cigs there’s no stinky smell so there will be no fear of smelling like a homeless drunk once you get home. If you get your non-smoker guests with one of those disposable e-cigs, it’s also the time when they could look tough without tainting their lungs with nicotine.

Disposable nicotine-free e-cigs are lightweight and stylish. Your guests could just puff twice and then put it back right into their pockets. No hassle. It’s not like the combustible cigarettes which you have to finish smoking first before you get to put it out. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting good money on an unfinished stick. And once the party gets really good and everyone is dancing close to each other, you won’t have to fear accidental cigarette burns on the skin.

No matter what age you throw a party for, it’s important to weigh your risks without becoming an enabler to others. An epic party at 21 is really great and if you do it right, it’s something you look back on and think: everybody sure had fun.

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