How to Use Wix’s Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Digital age businesses can’t overlook the importance of a strong online presence. A lot of businesses are today choosing Wix website design as this platform provides useful tools for creating great websites. In addition, it also offers a wide range of marketing tools to grow business by attracting visitors, converting leads and driving sales. Here are a few effective ways to use the different tools of Wix to grow your business.

Create a Professional Website
Before turning your attention to marketing, it is important first to make sure that you have a professional, user-friendly and visually attractive website. Wix website design is an exciting process as the platform provides an extensive collection of templates from which you can choose one that resonates with your brand. Also, it is possible to customize your chosen template in myriad ways. Wix also makes it easy to optimize your site for mobile devices.

Optimize for SEO
While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is fundamental to improving your site rankings on search engines, Wix provides built-in SEO tools that support SEO efforts in an easy yet powerful way. These tools make it easy to customize the Mega Tags, create SEO friendly URL structures, and add Alt text to images.

Set Up Email Marketing Campaigns
Wix dashboard lets you run email marketing campaigns to engage with your customers. Wix email marketing tools let you design visually stunning newsletters, target specific type of audience, and automate campaigns.

Utilize Social Media Integrations
Wix’s ability to integrate well with social media platforms enables you to add social feeds to display your latest posts on Social media channels, enable social sharing to expand your organic reach, and run social ads like creating and managing paid social media campaigns to drive website traffic.

Implement Wix Ascend
Wix Ascend refers to the collection of marketing and CRM tools that help businesses grow their online strength. Some of the important features of these tools include live chat to engage with the users in real time and provide instant support, automate customer contacts and tasks to remind you of the workflows.

Run Promotions and Discounts
Wix has innovative tools to help you run promotions and offer discounts. You can use these tools to create coupons, promotional pop-ups, and design limited time offer announcements.

Monitor Performance with Analytics
Perhaps the most interesting and useful aspect of Wix is Wix Analytics that lets you track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Wix analytics lets you gather several insights about the website visits like the traffic sources, user behavior and user demographics. By tracking conversion and sales, you can also measure how successful your campaigns are.

Take Away
Wix’s marketing tools provide you a powerful and proven support to boost your online presence and drive growth. All of these possibilities can start with Wix website design. Contract an accomplished Wix development company to design a new website for you or to migrate your existing website to the Wix platform to take advantage of the infinite possibilities this platform offers to grow your business.

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