Interesting Demon Slayer Mitsuri Facts

Demon Slayer is a dark anime series about a teenager seeking revenge after his family is killed by his younger sister who was turned into a demon. Yeah… It can be quite intense! If you’re looking to cosplay a Demon Slayer character, a popular one is Mitsuri Kanroji, a romantic and strong character that isn’t driven by a desire to kill demons but instead joined the Demon Slayer Corps to find the perfect husband.

Mitsuri is emotional and passionate, wearing her heart on her sleeve. She has big green eyes with long eyelashes and pink and green hair that’s braided. Her hair and thigh-high green socks are iconic in the anime world, making her a great character to cosplay. But she is also super strong and talented with a sword, so you’ll need a Mitsuri sword from Ice Imports to complete your look and fully embody Misturi.

Here are some interesting facts about Mitsuri that will help you understand this character a bit more!

Mitsuri is super strong
Mitsuri looked normal at birth, even cute! But as she continued to mature, she appeared to have an unnatural strength just like her mom. She would eat a lot and her pastel hair is actually her natural color! Her strength and behavior started to scare some people and she was sometimes seen as a “freak.”

Mitsuri was rejected from marriage at 17, which really hurt her. The heartbroken Mitsuri decided to cut her hair and dye it black in an attempt to fit in with other girls. Her abnormal powers left Mitsuri unable to find love, which explains why she was so desperate to find a good match in the Demon Slayer Corps early on.

She started with flame breathing
Mitsuri learned Flame Breathing style first, according to the manga, a style focused on strong strikes and burning opponents. But in the anime, Mitsuri has Love Breathing. How did that happen? The two are nothing alike, with Flame Breathing featuring simple strikes and Love Breathing hitting multiple times.

Well, Mitsuri’s body is not your typical human body. Flame Breathing didn’t work with her body, according to the manga, so she decided to invent her own breathing style: Love! This style worked with the unique Mitsuri sword, which is strong and flexible. She created the Love Breathing by using the Flame Breathing and then multiplying the strikes, only something she can do thanks to her superhuman powers.

Mitsuri Demon Slayer mark
During a fight with a high ranked Hentangu, Mitsuri developed her Demon Slayer mark without knowing it. Hers is shaped like two hearts upside down with angel wings. The mark is so powerful that she was able to take on three Hashiras all on her own once she awakened.

As you can see, Mitsuri is a blend of romance and power. She has superhuman strength and a big heart. This has made her a great character to cosplay.

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