Iron Sights: The Unsung Hero of AR15 Sights

Move over, quadruple-digit optics. There’s a new option for AR15 sights in town.

Just kidding, it’s iron sights and they’ve been around since before breech-loading arms were even developed.

Get ready for a vindication for the unsung hero of the world of target acquisition. It’s time for some renewed respect for old-reliable iron sights that never flinch, never fail, and never run out of batteries.

Talk about cost-effectiveness. One might even say that iron sights cost nothing since they come built into nearly every gun. Even if they don’t for a few dollars you can get a pair of folding, flip-up AR15 sights for your rifle and (probably) install them yourself.

Nothing – nothing – is more reliable than iron sights. They don’t need batteries. They don’t lose their zero. They work in the rain, in the snow, and in the dark. They work in the heat and in the cold. If your rifle could fire in a vacuum, they’d even work in space.

What’s more lightweight than iron sights? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical. Knock off the red dot or the scope and save a few ounces.

Easy to Use
Iron sights are the ultimate easy-to-use sights. Honestly, they do take some training to adjust and line up, but once you’ve developed some shooter muscle memory, it’ll be second nature to find your target over your sights and connect.

Waterproof. Fogproof. Dustproof. Shock Resistant.
Have you ever noticed that red dot sights and scopes are often marketed as waterproof, fogproof, dustproof, and shockproof? That’s because so many of them aren’t. High-end optics are like fancy watches and sports cars that throw a fit over a grain of sand in the works.

Do you know what doesn’t care a jot about interruptions like that? Iron sights. They’re completely waterproof, fogproof and dustproof, and remarkably shock resistant. You’d have to drop your rifle upside-down, squarely on top of your iron sights to damage them – and that’s unlikely at best.

Unobstructed Sight Picture
Red dot sights are great for providing an unobstructed sight picture but iron sights are even better; nothing gets in the way and they’re tops for maintaining and preserving situational awareness.

Quick Target Acquisition
Training with iron sights takes time and patience, but as you develop proficiency, you’ll find that few other sights can provide the same level of rapid target acquisition.

Some Are Even Effective in Low Light
One of the big advantages of some optics like red dots and low-light scopes is that they’re useful in low-light conditions. Well, iron sights don’t quit working in the dark; with a tactical weapon light, they’re highly effective, and some night sights even glow in the dark.

What Are You Waiting for?
Iron sights are also easy to clean, and unlike red dots and other reflex sights, will never go dead on you when they need new batteries – because they don’t need batteries.

Best of all, with modern, folding AR15 sights, it isn’t even a question of whether or not you’re going to choose iron sights or another optic. You can have both; just install iron sights, fold them down, and put a scope or a red dot on the rail over them. Then you have the best of both worlds – and iron sights as an unflinching backup.

Whether you’re looking for backup iron sights that are compatible with your Picatinny rail to compliment you sighting system or you just need a reliable alternative to rifle optics, check out MCS Gearup at They have a wide range of front and rear sights, including offset sights and flip-up iron sights that you can use in a pinch.

Visit their website at the link above or get in touch with them at 239-848-6757.

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