Is the Mighty Badge the Ultimate Reusable Staff Badge?

When you’re looking around for a new staff badge, you’re going to have to balance concerns about durability, reusability, overall appearance, customizability and so much more. You’ll also have to justify the expense, as you’ll have to cover the cost of rolling out new badges.

We’re confident that whatever your needs are, there’s a way for you to adapt the Mighty Badge, available online at, to meet them.

High Quality Materials
The Mighty Badge is made from several different high quality components that merge into one extremely useful, remarkably versatile badge.

Along with a fastener and the insert sheet contained within the design that bears the names, titles and other information you want the badge to display, it’s constructed with a high quality metal plate and a durable, crystal clear lens cover.

The metal plate that serves as the backing of the staff badge is made from rust-proof aluminum and available in several colors, including gold and silver. These snap together with a lens cover made of clear, high quality plastic that is both shatter and scratch resistant.

Built to last, and easy to customize, the Mighty Badge is intended to straddle the middle ground between adaptability and permanence. Its high quality materials uniquely suit it to repeated, long-term use, but you can still easily swap out the print sheet it contains!

Easily Swap Out Names and Titles
Every Mighty Badge contains a print sheet that is the face of the badge. On the print sheet you can print names, titles, logos and more – whatever you need to customize the appearance of your staff badges.

They’re incredibly flexible and easy to replace, which makes it easy for you to swap out names and titles across departments or as you adapt to the upward mobility of your organization. Since the Mighty Badge easily snaps together and apart, you can replace the print sheet as needed, as titles change, or to update your branding.

They also make it easy for you to produce more as you need them, so you can print dozens of print sheets if you need them right now, or stop back to order them later!

Choose Your Fastener
The Mighty Badge is compatible with either a pin fastener or a magnetic one, depending on your needs. All of their fasteners are made with quality in mind and are built to last – it’s a matter of what works best for you, your employees and your processes!

Choose a magnetic fastener if:

– You don’t want to damage the fabric or material of your employee’s uniforms with a pin.

– You’re concerned with small parts (like pins) wearing out from stress.

– You have employees that experience motor difficulties.

Choose a pin fastener if:

– You have employees that are sensitive to magnets or magnetic devices.

– Your employee uniforms are too thick to apply a magnetic fastener.

– You need your name badge fasteners to provide an extra strong attachment.

Can’t decide? Give Imprint Plus a call at 800-563-2464, tell them about your workflows, your employees needs and uniforms, and they’ll help you choose. While you’re speaking with them they can help you design your badges as well!

Recyclable Components – If It Comes to That
Though the Mighty Badge is designed to be used again and again, it’s even made with some select recyclable components. In keeping with their commitment to environmentally conscious practices, they’ve designed the lens cover of the Mighty Badge to be 100% recyclable – so if you need to get rid of any for any reason, you can toss them into the recycling worry free!

Get Ready to Design Your Own!
Sold on the Mighty Badge as the best, if not one of the best reusable staff badges out there? Then get ready to design your own! Call up one of the specialists at Imprint Plus at 800-563-2464 and speak to one of their specialists – they’ll get started helping you create your own fleet of reusable branded badges!

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