Is the WE Mini Buster the Best WE Knife? Well, “We” Love It

WE Knife Company might not hold the legendary status of OKC or Buck, but it’s been gaining a lot of ground, especially among collectors and in the EDC “community,” if you will.

They use premium materials and their knives really do sport fit and finish that hit way, way out of their weight class, so there’s a lot to like about them, honestly.

But picking a favorite is tough. That’s why so many online publications do listicles of tops, instead of selecting a single favorite.

Be that as it may, we can’t get enough of the WE Knife Mini Buster with a 20CV blade and a titanium handle. Let’s get into it.

Mini Buster Tech Specs
The WE Knife Mini Buster is 7.97” overall, with a 3.43” blade made of CPM 20CV steel, treated to a Rockwell Hardness of somewhere between 59 and 61, and given a nearly full-flat grind.

Its handle, clip, and screws are all made from tough, light, corrosion-resistant 6AL4V titanium, which is both humble and handsome at the same time, not to mention durable.

It features a caged, double row ceramic ball bearing and it opens via a flipper mechanism; the lock on this knife is a classic frame lock.

It weighs 4 ounces and can be carried free in a pocket or by its pocket clip, which is not reversible.

What We Love About This WE Knife
There is a lot we love about this knife. First, it’s the aesthetics. We just love how the bead blast finish of the blade pairs with the demure gray titanium of the handle.

We also love the ergonomics. The handle looks angular but it is actually very comfortable to carry, deploy and hold this knife. There are no noticeable hot spots and there is a bit of a groove, almost like a choil, right in front of the blade. These features help with indexing and comfort.

The action is somehow both crisp and fluid and we find it a joy to use this knife. It’s almost “fidgety.” Additionally, the frame lock is sound and sturdy.
Now let’s give a word to what really makes this knife: the blade profile and steel.

It’s officially called a “sheepsfoot,” but to us, it looks something like a blending between that and a Wharncliffe. But it’s six of one and half of a dozen of the other, really.

Whatever you want to call it, this thing is really strong near the tip and has a lot of blade stock for a middle-of-the-road folder. It’s not quite a pocket cleaver, but it has some heft without losing grace.

This blade is great for carving, slicing, even prying (don’t tell anyone we said that), and more, and with such a strong tip and lock, you hardly need to worry you’re going to break the thing.

It also boasts super steel: CPM 20CV, which contains 20% chrome, 4% vanadium, and almost 2% (1.9% to be precise) carbon.

It is extremely corrosion resistant (call it stainless) but at the same time that high concentration of both vanadium and carbon gives it exceptional toughness and edge retention. This is a steel that is almost peerless for balancing the holy trinity of knife steels: corrosion-resistance, hardness (edge retention), and durability (toughness). Plus, it’s not impossible to sharpen.

Where Can You Get This WE Knife? (+ Others!)
Have we sold you on this top-contender among WE Knives? If you’re interested, you can pick one up at White Mountain Knives ( for under $300, which is a great deal on this model. They sell it for $289.00.

They also carry a wide range of other top-selling knives from WE, as well as from other industry-leading and popular brands like CIVIVI, Artisan Cutlery, Kizer, Cold Steel, and Gerber. There’s plenty of variety in their catalog so if you like S30V more than 20CV and carbon fiber better than titanium, check out their website and see what’s in store for you.

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