Looking to Buy Bongs Online? Check Out FunkyPiece!

When it comes to smoking, using a regular old hand pipe comes with some disadvantages. Sure they are compact and easy to take with you on the go, but the smoke can be harsh and the flavor can leave something to be desired, especially after multiple hits. One of the best ways to get big hits of smooth and satisfying smoke is to use a bong. Bongs come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes trying to find the right one can seem overwhelming. If you are looking to buy bongs online, then FunkyPiece is a great online glass shop to visit.

FunkyPiece is a DC area based smoke shop. While they have three brick and mortar stores, they also offer bongs for sale online through their website at www.funkypiece.com. Whether you are planning on visiting their store in person or online, you will find a great selection of glass pipes and other smoking accessories. They pride themselves in offering a great selection of high quality American made glass pipes. This includes pipes from popular glass brands such as Illadelph, Medicali, Grav, HVY, and RooR.

If you are looking for a great glass bong, then FunkyPiece has you covered. All too often glass shops are almost entirely stocked with cheap, mass produced glass from overseas. These cheap bongs may get the job done, but low quality work creates more potential for failure. Glass is a delicate material, but well made bongs with strong glass joints are more likely to survive long term and perform as expected. You won’t find many cheaply made glass bongs when you visit FunkyPiece stores or their website, so you can always buy with confidence.

For smokers who are unfamiliar with bongs, there are a few things to consider before you buy a bong online. Your most basic bong has a bowl that you pack with your herb, a downstem that goes from the bowl to the water at the base of the bong, and a tube that you inhale the smoke from. While this covers the basics, bongs can get pretty complicated.

Sometimes instead of a downstem, there will be a more complicated percolator in the bong that will produce larger amounts of smaller bubbles, increasing the bong’s ability to cool and filter smoke. Many bongs will also feature additional percolators in the tube that will allow smoke to pass through water again. Additional percolation will increase the draw resistance while also increasing the quality of the smoke. Finally some bongs will have a pinched section in the glass that will hold ice to further cool your smoke.

You can find bongs with all of these features when you visit FunkyPiece’s online store. With all of their quality options from pipes to accessories, their site is a great place to buy bongs online. If you are in the DC area, then you can go see their products in person and speak to their knowledgeable staff at any of their three locations in DC and Maryland.

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