Marucci Cat9 vs. Cat8: What Is New and What Is Not?

The baseball industry is constantly evolving. Rules and regulations can be altered quite often. Top-of-the-line manufacturers release new pieces of equipment annually, if not more frequently than that.

Simply put, it can be quite difficult to stay up-to-date with what is new and especially if you need to purchase these new releases. Marucci is one such manufacturer of baseball and softball goods that is consistently unleashing new gear.

Their pride and joy, the Cat baseball bat line, is one such line that has been evolving in various ways for several years. Since 2009, Marucci has designed, created, and sold a number of Cat baseball bats:

Cat Baseball Bat Model

Year of Release





Cat7 Connect



Cat8 Connect

Cat8 Composite



Cat9 Connect

Cat9 Composite


As you can see, the 8 and 9 of the Cat baseball bat line were only released one year apart. So, what exactly is new and what is the same with the latest model?

What Is New in the 9?
Before we get to what remains the same between these two, let’s first uncover what exactly are the most substantial differences.

AZR Alloy
The 9 version uses one of the newest and most sturdy types of alloys available: AZR alloy. Marucci has stated that AZR alloy is the highest grade alloy that has ever been placed into a baseball bat to date. This alloy, in turn, provides bat users with incomparable durability, farther hits, and improved feeling upon contact all while being lightweight and comfortable.

Meanwhile, the 8 doesn’t use the AZR alloy. Instead, it uses AZ105 alloy, which is yet another sturdy alloy type for nearly any baseball bat to use.

Longitudinal Groove System in the Barrel (for BBCOR Model Only)
In the 9’s BBCOR model, there have also been grooves added to the barrel. This Longitudinal Groove System runs horizontally inside the thickest part of the bat’s barrel, which is one of the main contributors to farther driven hits, increased flexibility, and an improved feel upon contact from the 8 BBCOR model.

What Is the Same between the 8 and 9?
Now that we are aware of the massive changes from the 8 to the 9, what about what has stayed the same between the two?

AV2 Anti-Vibration Knob
One of the single worst feelings while in the batter’s box (aside from getting hit by a pitch, of course) is the stinging and painful vibration on your hands. Fortunately, the AV2 Anti-Vibration knob works to minimize that discomfort. This technology was so successful with the 8 that it simply needed to continue to be used in the 9!

One-Piece Alloy Composition
The 8 and 9 both embody what Marucci has visualized for the Cat series since the beginning: a revolutionary one-piece alloy composition. The Cat baseball bat series continues to “wow” all baseball players, both young and old.

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