Need to Find a Glass Smoke Shop Near You?

If you are a smoker or you are interested in trying out smoking, then you will need to find a good glass smoke shop near you. Luckily for residents of South Florida, The Hip Cat Smoke Shop in Fort Lauderdale has everything you need to enjoy your favorite smoking herbs. This includes an incredible selection of glass pipes.

Glass Pipe Basics
For those who are new to the world of smoking, you are probably wondering what makes glass pipes so special? Glass may seem like a delicate material, but it is a great choice for smoking pipes. Glass pipes are made using borosilicate glass, the same material used to make glass baking dishes. The low rate of thermal expansion in this type of glass means that it will not crack due to heat exposure. Many glass pieces are also designed with thick walls, which means that they are not as fragile as you might think(though you wouldn’t want to use it as a hammer).

On top of being designed to smoke, glass pipes are also designed to offer a flavorful smoking experience. Unlike pipes made from wood or metal, glass pipes are truly inert and do not add any flavor to your smoke. As long as your pipe is clean, you will be able to enjoy the full flavor of your herbs.

Choosing a Pipe
Now when it comes to choosing a pipe, there are a lot of options. Pipes come in all shapes and sizes from tiny one hitters to massive water pipes. Knowing which pipe will be the best fit for you all comes down to personal preference. A large water pipe might provide massive hits and a comfortable smoking experience, but will not be the most portable or discreet option. Dry pipes are extremely easy to use and are a great first pipe for new smokers.

Ultimately you are going to need to think about how you smoke and what you can handle. Sometimes the draw resistance on a multi perc water pipe will be too much for a new smoker, despite its smoothness. If you prefer concentrates over smoking herb then you should probably find a smaller water pipe with a very fine percolator. If properly care for a good glass pipe can last a lifetime, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for so you can enjoy a great smoking experience for years to come.

If you need help finding some great pipes, visiting a glass smoke shop near you is usually the best choice. Smoke shop employees tend to know their inventory and they can advise you one which pipes are within your budget and able to meet your needs. For smokers near Fort Lauderdale, The Hip Cat Smoke Shop has cases upon cases of glass and a team of employees who are always happy to help their customers. Visit their website at to find their location and contact information.

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