Need Wholesale RDAs for Your Vape Shop?

It is no secret that vapers love to experiment with different atomizer setups. While the power from mods is important, the atomizer and coil setup is going to have the biggest impact on flavor and vapor production. For that reason, it is important to carry a great selection of RDAs in your shop so your customers can always find the perfect atomizers for their new builds. If you need to find some great wholesale RDAs, then you should visit Kingdom Vapor.

Kingdom Vapor is a vape wholesale supplier dedicated to helping their customers get great deals on the products they need for their vape shops. This includes everything from full vaping setups to vape accessories. If you need to find some great wholesale RDA options, then you can find plenty of high quality atomizers in the rebuildable atomizer section of their online store.

RDAs or Rebuildable Drip Atomizers are a popular option because they are so flexible. The fact that you only need to drip juice into the atomizer when you are taking a rip means that these atomizers offer incredible flavor while also preventing leaks. Because these atomizers are rebuildable, they are also a great option for DIY vapers. Kingdom Vapor’s inventory includes plenty of RDA options including these best selling atomizers.

Vaperz Cloud Asgard 30mm RDA – The Asgard RDA has a semi-postless deck and amazing airflow thanks to its 48 airflow holes. The airflow system helps to build air pressure before cooling down the coils from below. This produces incredible vapor and a great vapor quality. This deck can also be used on a squonker mod.

Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA – Another great atomizer for squonker mods, the Pulse 24 BF has a great 4 slot pointless build deck that allows for plenty of unique build options. The smaller size of these atomizers help them preserve flavor so your customers can expect great results.

Coil Art DPRO RDA – The DPro is a great atomizer for a wide variety of builds. It features a 4 terminal postless deck and a compact, low profile design. It has also been designed to offer an optimized airflow that ensures that your coils will be perfectly cooled.

You can find a great selection of wholesale RDAs and more when you visit In addition to offering an amazing selection of vape products, they also do not require MOQs on any orders. MOQs or minimum order quantities are a common practice when dealing with wholesale businesses.

The lack of MOQs at Kingdom Vapor means that you can order exactly what your shop needs without having to deal with having more inventory than you can sell. If you only need one or two products, they are happy to sell them to you. To see the prices they offer and gain access to their full catalogue of products, all you need to do is visit their website and set up a wholesale account.

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