Our Favorite Things About Brioso Cigars

The longer you go smoking cigars and tobacco products, the more you end up learning about the companies that produce them. If you have been smoking cigars for at least some months now, you will very likely have experience with the manufacturers General Cigar Company. They are responsible for some of the most popular brands out today including Macanudo and CAO.

Another one of their beloved cigar brands which you may have heard of before is the Brioso. Since their release when Brioso cigars hit the ground running, they have become personal favorites of many and have rightfully earned their place in many cigar stashes. We are such huge fans of Brioso cigars that we only felt like it was right to share it with others and properly explain the main things we love about them.

Get ready to add Brioso cigars to your shopping list and take notes on what this cigar brand could do for your smoking sessions.

Balanced Flavors
Of course the main thing that people care about with cigars is the taste. This is the main subject people care about and we want to get straight to the point with it because the taste of Brioso cigars is one of their biggest attributes. These cigars are well-balanced in terms of flavor and are made to be widely appealing for people with different preferences. It is not super light or rich, but a mellow medium full flavored cigar that is easy to smoke regardless of preferences.

They are made with Dominican seco and ligero with Nicaraguan and Mexican tobacco as filler with a Honduran wrapper. The flavor is smooth with a touch of spice. The notes include cedar wood and espresso accented by black pepper and cocoa for a smooth, creamy finish. There is enough depth there to keep you coming back for more, enjoying each note, but the smoothness makes it easy to keep going. You could go through your cigar without even noticing how much you have already smoked. This helps make Brioso cigars widely liked by so many; they are just easy to enjoy.

Affordable Prices
While the flavor is the most important factor to most of us, we have to admit that price does play a huge part in the cigars we enjoy most often. It is not exactly within the budget for most of us to smoke super premium cigars very often. An affordable cigar, however, can be enjoyed much more freely without so many budget concerns.

One of the most exciting things about Brioso cigars is that they were made to be super affordable. General Cigar Company wanted to create a low-priced cigar that still provided the quality they are known for. Each one is very inexpensive, and bundles make them an even better deal. This makes them so much more accessible to all kinds of folks including younger people and those looking to budget their personal hobby.

Having these very affordable cigars around as an option makes it much easier to smoke more often since you do not have to worry about how quickly you are going through them. With Brioso cigars, you get quality at a great price point.

We encourage you to try out any one of the Brioso cigars, be it the Maduro, Natural, or Robusto. These cigars are so easy to enjoy on a regular basis and smoke casually while you unwind for the day. You can find them online at rockyscigars.com, waiting for you to pick out a bundle. They should set you up for some good smoke sessions for a while, and have you ready to repurchase.

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